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Draw the Poster Above You!


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4 hours ago, Ieono said:


I designed this costme for you, within a group called "Booty Patrol". I hope it isn't offensive~♥

I am honoured to have my booty patrolled <3
I love it! I love that uniform, I might steal it from you :P
And swing flag action yo!

(Skip me!! Draw Ieono instead!)

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There's been a change of plans. Don't skip me


@acne-scars There you go! I hope I got it right, and that I didn't make you look too cheerful haha (you know, being emo and all)




To whoever is going to draw me, please use this as reference

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I'm 2 much to handle. And it looks awesome Zerig senpai, thnk u. I look STRONK af

PS: If you weren't already, make sure to use references. Nudes are the best to learn getting the hang of anatomy and stuff. Highly recommended. We all gotta start somewhere so don't get discouraged man


(Skip me, draw Zerig)

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On 3/28/2016 at 10:24 PM, SkyboundTerror said:

Dammit, I was drawing something for Newt already then this dawg posted. Gonna have to draw something for you both now.







also skip me

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On 12/4/2016 at 4:32 AM, NerdyMunk said:


vitaly by nerdymunk.jpg

That doesn't look like Vitaly to me... Is that supposed to be him?

(Skip me, do Caledonian)

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18 minutes ago, Sidewalk Surfboard said:

I'm not skipping you because that throws everything off


Hey I really like that you made this for me but I didn't draw anything so I'm not really deserving it. It was actually Caledonian's turn D:

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9 minutes ago, Sidewalk Surfboard said:


I'm still really appreciating it though! Thank you man

On my to-do list:

1) gift Vitaly a drawing proportionate to the one he made and that he deserves;

2) make you a gift for your burfdey. Speaking of which, feel free to note me if you have a specific request and I'll see what I can do. Up to two characters and anthros only. Can't draw humans for shit...


(Skip me, do Sidewalk Surfboard)

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On 17/4/2016 at 4:44 PM, Vitaly said:

Holy moley, that's amazing.
Сan't just leave it, to the tablet!

(skip me)

Oh snap! I forgot I only have crappy outdated references on my page. This is the most recent one. Hope I'm not too late and if I am it's alright (should have thought about this sooner lol, my bad)





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12 hours ago, Vitaly said:



(Skip me)


This is so awesome, thank you so much! Looking sexy as hell with that Daral signed (I assume?) open shirt too :D. Really classy

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