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Hey... It's me

Mr. Sparta

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I dunno why im here. Maybe it's because i missed you guys. Maybe it's because I've fallen into a kind of depression. You know you're depressed when you outright abandon the people you used to care about. Thats what i did with you guys. Ever since the accident, ive been cutting myself away. I banished myself to skype, where i yet again abandoned people, because i was depressed. There are some people here i've especially left behind, people i never want to see again. Sometimes it's painful to see their faces. I guess thats why i ran away. But there were people i missed greatly, people i want to reconnect with. Thats why i came back. I hate myself. I can never look out for my own needs. I never spoke for myself really. In fact, i never spoke till i was 5. Even in the good days of FAF i was scared to speak, because i thought you'd all hate me. There's probably a hundred truths i could say about myself to make you hate my guts. So if i put on a friendly costume, i could feel accepted. But hey, i'm tired of costumes, masks, hiding things from people to make them ignorantly happy. I'm taking it all off, so you can see me as myself.

Will you welcome back a friend?

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Jeez man, stop being so negative, you're not helping yourself. How bad can you possibly be? It's not that you have to be perfect to be accepted. You like everyone else are inevitably going to be flawed in a way or the other, the sooner you accept the better. So don't be so hard on yourself and just do you. I've been struggling with the same issues and I know it's much easier said than done, but just think only about yourself and stop giving a fuck about what other people may think of you. Shit, you're treating everyone as if they're all out there to get you, which is not the case. Sure, you will find some assholes but just go and ignore them, especially here on the internet. If you close yourself up because of that possibility you will risk to miss out on the good shit that may just possibly happen

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