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Do you like the new theme?

Dr. Doggo

Do you like it?  

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Actually, while it's in my head- The new pop up notifications are fantastic

I can be chilling out in some other tab watching YouTube and have a little box come up to say that something good happened, like a thread post, a reply, or getting something liked
There is no longer any need to aggro refresh and scroll up to the bell
Thank you, forum gods

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I hate it. Especially the new content thingie. Sux

I'll get used to it...

Edit: Can someone please add dates to the new content thingie? I hate it when I don't know WHEN was a thread started. Makes it even harder to distinguish between new and old threads. This (lacking) feature is just a no no to me. I can stomach everything else but not this. This is a design flaw, dates should be there

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It's okay. I don't visit forums to embrace all the colours, sniff at flower art or enjoy a beautiful layout for hours.

I come here to read peoples hiss-fits, drama, screw ups, fights over miss-read words, backing out of arguments, trolling,getting trolled, circle jerks and general disregard of each other as human beings.

...which we don't have enough of! I want a refund!

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