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What would you do if you were given 2 years?


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A little different spin on the "what would you do if you were going to die tomorrow" thing. You've got quite a bit more time in this case, but you're still guaranteed dead 2 years from now. What do you spend that time doing?

I'm not sure what I would do that's any different from my current situation really. I guess just try to enjoy life the best I can and try not to focus on the death thing, but that's nothing different from the normal and since I don't have much money I couldn't do anything crazy. Depending on the disease I had, I might consider just ending it ASAP because it's not like I have that much to I've for as it is and 2 years isn't going to fix the situation, especially if I'm horribly ill the whole time.

Reason for a fun thread such as this is that I recently learned a new friend of mine has cancer and has been given a rough expiration date of 2 years from now. Multiple doctors agree that there's a slim chance he'll pull through, but I can't help but focus on how he very well may not. I'm not even that close to him yet and I'm not handling it well, so this is gonna be a fun ride. He's basically just living life like normal and trying to power through the pain, mostly physical, as best he can. No real plans to go crazy once he gets to that point where he's pretty close, just focusing on the here and now. I really admire his ability to just keep going like he is. I'm handling it worse than he is and he's the one with the cancer. x-x'

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Screw the banks, loan as much money as possible and spend it all on non-material services. I'd be travelling abroad, partying hard and experiencing the world while contemplating what the death will be like

And by the time I die, the banks will be out of luck as they cannot levy anything out of nothing that I have left behind

And I'd totally buy a high quality fursuit as an exception

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Buy my dream car, start a band, smoke a lot of cigarettes, pray, and get ready for the big moment.  I'd connect with everyone that I love, reconcile, and get my "house" in order.  I'd probably cry and get scared as shit then accept that nobody gets out of here alive. 

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