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When you visit a forum what kind of threads do you like to post in


When you visit a forum what kind of thread do you like to post in  

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  1. 1. It says "question title" but I already made a poll title so I don't know what to put here

    • Inane polls and games
    • Serious topic discussions
    • Comedy third option
    • Roleplaying
    • Original art / music sharing
    • Shitposts
    • Chat / general time wasting
    • Life / personal / journal threads
    • Drama
    • Furry-centric
    • Video games
    • Other hobbies that are not video games

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I tend to post in pretty much everything, but I try and avoid shitposts and memes. I tend to post on a lot of forums as a substitute for real life social activity, so I tend to look for a fuller experience. But yeah, I wouldn't enjoy someone constantly spouting memes and jibber jabber in real life, so I try to tune it out on the internet as well. 

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