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EDIT (Just thought to add this): As a side note, everyone is welcome to contribute their poems or works, no matter type or topic. (Just adhere to forum rules, as with any post.) Always enjoyable to see people express themselves in such a way.



Alright. I'll post some poems I wrote. Some are more like song lyrics I guess. Some don't follow any form. I'll update it now and then when I write something that I feel is good enough.

Now given that it seems today really, really wants to be grimmer than a Transylvanian castle, I wrote one more upbeat.


You know when things are at their worst/
You’re a bubble and you’re about to burst/
You know when everything feels so wrong/
Hold it together, please stay strong/

Because every day is a new chance/
With hope as your shield, and wits as your lance/
Ride into this battle we call life/
Learn to control and harness that strife/

It's just one foot in front of the other/
Don’t fret over the actions of another/
Hold on for this strange and wild ride/
I promise, you’ll make it to the other side/

In times of fear and sadness/
When all that reigns is madness/
Sit down and breath/
Let your stress take leave/
I know it’s scary, I know it’s hard/
You feel like you’ve played your last card/
Push on regardless, you’ll break through/
And every step of the way, your friends are with you./

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since you said its open, i figured id add a happy one of mine >its actually lyrics owo< 

hold your head up

keep being you

why is it that you care what they do

can they change you?

will you let them

we make choices

don't regret them


here we are again

side to side till the end

just keep being you,

it shouldnt matter what you do,

and sometimes it really seems that your life

is a broken dream, 

but the pieces fit to someone else

who is there

where the heart is felt 

where its beat is held tender and sweet 

theres someone there for you

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OK, here's a poem I wrote a while ago; I write in what's called a 'narrative' style:

Dunno if anyone knows about the giant south american anteater, also called an ant bear...but I love 'em. My poems may have a certain violence, of emotion...and yet (I feel) are still very sweet.


Striding on curved fore-claws
across the Mato Grosso
you stop
& slip
a long tongue
down this or that hill:
Antbear, what’s it like to go through life with no teeth?
Sucking it up
as ranchers
hunt you down
& drive you out
to raise cattle,
the drone of tractors,
engines like foreign insects,
as the dust kicked up by hooves
blows across the denuded brush.

All you ever sought were ants-who wants ants?

You lap up your fill
of workers, drones, soldiers-
but never kill the queen
the colony,
the infinite underground cities,
that supporting substrata---
but there’s fewer of you now
cutting the grasslands with your stiff broom tails

alone now
wandering and distant
you scent the master’s boy
his feeble binoculars
the gun his dad gave him, his first,
& as he stalks along squinting into the early AM sun
you rise up above him,
knock him to the ground,
your claws swiping at his soft face like scissors,
& you leave him there,
the carcass picked over by buzzards-
covered now
with a gentle blanket of ants.

-© Simo-Skunk, 2014/2015 (Fossa-Boy) Simo is my Primary Fursona, used on FA and many other places...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Oh Petrina


Oh Petrina, wherever do you lay?/

With your hills of gold and your skies of grey/

A land free of worry, hate or fear/

A time where the path is always clear/


At the end of the world there stands a town/

Atop a hill, perched like a crown/

This unseen light this silent sound/

A place, a time, a thought unbound/


Quiet parks and trees complete/

A perfect vista, a peaceful street/

Won’t you come and take a seat?/

Watch the sunset, colours replete/


Over the mountains the clouds creep/

They grant this town a peaceful sleep/

Ties with the past we will sever/

Join restful sleep, now and forever/


Never was a world more welcoming or free/

Oh Petrina, won’t you come find me?/

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The wolf howls in the darkness, 
She lets the wind carry her cries. 
Her silhouette on a hilltop, 
The moon reflected in her eyes.
The agony she carries, the pain. 
At her feet, the lifeless cub she bore. 
In the animal kingdom it's the circle of life, 
Nothing less and nothing more. 
The moon casts down its sympathy, 
As it blankets around her rabid soul. 
Nature defenseless against man, 
An innocent life that man stole. 
As her howl travels, 
The hunter stops dead still. 
For the hunted often holds revenge, 
An angry mother, ready to kill. 
Her silhouette no longer rests under the moon, 
It runs through the old forest trees. 
Her legs swift, much faster than the hunter. 
His cries carry through the breeze.

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There’s a feeling that makes this world go round/

A flawless colour, a beautiful sound/

Something worth waiting for/

It leaves you wanting more/


It has so many names/

Its why we play these games/

Turns the dark to light/

Brings us day from night/


A better purpose I have never heard/

To chase this elusive, magical bird/

A universal thing, girl or boy/

This wonderful thing, we call it joy/

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The End


In the end I watched you fall/

It broke my heart to hear you call/

The sound of despair/

It hung in the air/

To the tolling of that bell/

I watched you as you fell/


I knew you as you used to be/

You were young, you were reckless and free/

But freedom has its price/


You tried, you rolled the dice/

No one can say/

That on that day/

You didn’t try/

To find a way/


All good things must meet their end/

We will always count you as a friend/

With a heavy heart/

We see your start/

And watch you as you meet your end/


Yep seems like I'm not making anything happy today. 

From sad nachos to sad poems.

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Probably the only good poem I've actually written.


I am construct–No
I am machine–No
I am robot–No

Would that I could be so useful, so wanted, loved, needed youthful
so crucial for a world to to turn.

No. I am a cog, a nothing part, repeating slog
stuck in place and forced to churn until I break from wear and tear, worn and shorn of teeth I am replaced:

Thrown away.
Tossed aside.
Stomped beneath the bottom line.
Out of sight and out of mind.
Watch me live.
Watch me die.

Yet still I dream of brighter days, of freedom found, of break away
of watching as your constructs stumble
of laughing as your machines crumble
of flying as your robots ruin.

Because fuck your system–
I am human.

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Start a fire, and make me smile/

Let me know you’ll walk that mile/

Show me truth and show me joy/

Give it straight, now don’t be coy/


Let me know that you’ll be with me/

When I’m with you I am set free/

Don’t be perfect, show me you/

Promise me that you’ll stay true/

To your ideals and your dreams/

To your crazy plans and silly schemes/


Never lose that silly grin/

Being happys not a sin/

‘Cause you’re the one that brings some light/

And you’re the one to whom I write/

Thank you for being who you are/

You truly are a shooting star/


Holy cow super tired but I needed to write something.

Almost didn't make it. Send first aid in the form of sugary drinks and cookies.

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My thoughts on romantic poetry about love affairs, profound philosophy and whatever bull shite people under 30, like me, think they know about the world. :3

Sometimes I don't like poetry,
I often can't relate it seems,
Fancy words you'd never say,
As nobody knows what they mean,
I can't explain why people sense,
That poetry must be serene,
States of love and pain intense,
That none of us have ever been,
I often wonder what's more important,
To poets who think themselves as erudite,
Browsing through a big thesaurus,
Or writing about real life?

I wonder; is it really good writing, astute poetry,
If I can't make out what it means it without an open dictionary?

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The Queen of Autumn

A plethora of colours to start your day/

Yellow, orange and red come out to play/

The changing of a season and a turning of the tide/

Welcome to the altar winter’s graceful bride/


Joyful and mischievous, a wonderful friend/

Her inner thoughts none can comprehend/

Feel her calm caress on your cheek/

Not harsh or forceful, nor is it weak/


Your joys are generous and your splendour great/

Blessed are you with magnificent traits/

The mistress of leaves, the undisputed queen/

Is to you I write, felt but unseen.

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Ode to a Friend


You were there in my time of need/

You always believed I would succeed/

When times were tough/

The road was rough/

But you never gave up on me/


A better friend I could not find/

You came to me, your heart so kind/

Pulling me back from the edge/

Promising me, you made a pledge/

To keep me sane and keep me here/

To never let me disappear/


So to you I write, my closest friend/

Always with me, to the end/

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(Perhaps a few lines were too long, but I had this idea and I wanted to stick to it. It's been a while.)

Bastions of Light


Down in the fog where green meadows lay/

There lived a free people, day after day/

Repetitive cycles broke each one down/

Until at the end, they could not be found/

What stood in their place was a cruel twist/

A once kind image turned dark by the mist/


Humanity and compassion traded for vice/

That which made them human was the steep price/

However there are those that stand tall in these dark times/

Those who would not stand watching these crimes/

To live as a light, and not as a shadow/

To do what is right, like the times long ago/


Is to them I write, these Bastion’s of Light/

You keep us safe in the cold dark night/

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The Dance of Tears


At first one, then many fall/

Quietly it does start/

Swift as wind, they heed the call/


Pure and honest, a true heart/

Open your eyes/

A quiet wisdom it does impart/


This sorrowful sound the wind cries/

It does mourn/

For all the pain and all the lies/


For all the oaths forsworn/

A souls solstice/

Of all the dangers it will warn/


It’s kiss brings solace/

Comfort warm/

It’s beauty, flawless/


Cool and calming in the storm/

Beads of light/

Through it does grace take form/


Create a scene, a mirror bright/

Cool and clear/

Though clad in dark, it brings no night/


Sooth my mind, free from fears/

Let remorse take flight in the Dance of Tears/


I like this one.

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Blank eyes stare back, having unremembered sight,

We are the forgotten, we have lost the fight.

We go unmourned within a year,

We have lost all that we hold dear.


We are empty and without names,

We have no fun, we play no games.

The warmth of love has left us long ago,

Now we linger, trapped in the shadows.


All of our work and dreams are dust,

As we passed, they begun to rust.

In your memory we put our trust,

It is you who has forsaken us.


We have ceased to exist, our legacy is no more,

We have passed through the final door.

No light or hope, no hand to hold,

Alone and quietly, we wither cold.


Ages pass and eras fall,

It matters not we've seen it all,

We've lost interest in these affairs,

We have no need of earthly cares.


We are lost to the sands of time,

Truly to forget should be a crime,

Now we linger, our memory rotten,

We are no more, we are the forgotten.


So this is an old one, but I like it.

Grim as hell though.

Maybe I'll balance it out tonight with something a bit cheerier?

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Contrition’s Lamp


Through a dark past we have wandered/

Unguided by any light save our greed/

Then came the fall, like a rising storm/

It swept away all that we knew and all that we were/


We knew not true fear until that moment/

When all was made clear and all was laid bare/

Now we live for a different purpose/

We guide the lost, and protect the weak/


We are the lost, we are the damned/

Our penance, your salvation/

Our fate, your blessing/

In your path we find our peace/


This light will not dim, these hearts will not yield/

We will fight until the sun dies/

Our rest is that of the dead/

In the light of Contrition’s Lamp do we find salvation/


You know I said I might write a happier poem

But this is to a poem what a sledgehammer is to delicate dental surgery.


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We come from all over, broken and scarred/

We bring our own pasts, and we keep up our guard/

It’s hard, letting go of who you used to be/

When you felt you never would be free/


But the past is over and the present is here/

Just look closely and it will all be clear/

You don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to cry/

You tell us what you want to, we don’t pry/


Leave your past at the door/

You don’t have to hurt anymore/

We’re all misfits here/

And we hold each other dear/

We fight our battles together/

We’re birds of a feather/


We may not fit in/

But that's no sin/

What matters is who we are/

Each and everyone one is their own star./


Another old one, and not as, artistic I suppose.

Its message is the same though.

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Below are the lyrics to a spoken word piece by Tom Waits called 9th and Hennepin. Listen if you like the look of it, reading the lyrics really doesn't do it justice. He is a brilliant lyricist/poet. 


Well it's 9th and Hennepin
All the donuts have 
Names that sound like prostitutes
And the moon's teeth marks are 
On the sky like a tarp thrown over all this
And the broken umbrellas like 
Dead birds and the steam 
Comes out of the grill like 
The whole goddamned town is ready to blow
And the bricks are all scarred with jailhouse tattoos
And everyone is behaving like dogs
And the horses are coming down Violin Road
And Dutch is dead on his feet
And the rooms all smell like diesel
And you take on the 
Dreams of the ones who have slept here
And I'm lost in the window 
I hide in the stairway
I hang in the curtain
I sleep in your hat
And no one brings anything 
Small into a bar around here

They all started out with bad directions
And the girl behind the counter has a tattooed tear
One for every year he's away she said, such 
A crumbling beauty, but there's 
Nothing wrong with her that
$100 won't fix, she has that razor sadness 
That only gets worse
With the clang and the thunder of the 
Southern Pacific going by
As the clock ticks out like a dripping faucet
Till you're full of rag water and bitters and blue ruin
And you spill out 
Over the side to anyone who'll listen
And I've seen it 
All through the yellow windows 
Of the evening train

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just short of a sonnet, but it feels as though shoving it into that perfect little poem would distort it:

Work shouts as coal dust buried on bare arms,
Or does it rest as sweat on aging brow?
Does it sing the song of union folk charms,
Or does it live in nails deep with tallow?
Perhaps work hides as want on empty plate:
A call to sell yourself for ev'ry meal.
Maybe it proclaims from monuments great
That it's a spirit only time can seal.
Only remembered when it starts to fade
And forgotten when it does what it must,
It seems that work is not that which is made;
It is that which exists only to rust.

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3 hours ago, MalletFace said:

Just short of a sonnet, but it feels as though shoving it into that perfect little poem would distort it:

Work shouts as coal dust buried on bare arms,
Or does it rest as sweat on aging brow?
Does it sing the song of union folk charms,
Or does it live in nails deep with tallow?
Perhaps work hides as want on empty plate:
A call to sell yourself for ev'ry meal.
Maybe it proclaims from monuments great
That it's a spirit only time can seal.
Only remembered when it starts to fade
And forgotten when it does what it must,
It seems that work is not that which is made;
It is that which exists only to rust.

This has a really good rhythm MalletFace.

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Their Last Battle


This fateful day we make our stand/

In muddy water, in bloody sand/

Our friends fall, not one step back/

Today is our day, we push the attack/


For this cause we fight, we do not bend/

For family and country we meet our end/

Brothers all, we fight as one/

We pray to god we see the sun/


On this day we will not turn/

On this hour the skies will burn/

In this minute we will fight/

In this moment, our last light/


Once more we push on, with fury and fire/

Don’t tell us the odds, no matter how dire/

For your lives we lay down our own/

We give it all, blood, sinew and bone/


In return we have but one request/

Let our souls know quiet rest/

May this battle be our last/

Leave your violence in the past/

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Night’s Garden

The days are hard, each hour long/

We do not stop, we struggle on/

Our troubles mountains, our worries storms/

Our problems mount, they strain our forms/


Lay your head down, close your eyes/

If you listen close you’ll hear the skies/

The stars sing, they’ll tell you true/

Rest now, your fight is through/


Dream now, of light and peace/

In this field, you’ll find release/

Let moonlight take you by the arm/

Do not fear, it does no harm/


Though morning comes, for now we wait/

Tonight we find a sable gate/

On beds of moonlight now we lay/

In gardens blue and grass so grey/


For this moment we may play/

The constellations light our way/

Through the fields of light and mist/

All our troubles are dismissed/


With a heavy head and tearful eyes/

We dream of sleep with fireflies/


I wrote this with @Recel in mind. I hope you find sleep, and when you do, may it be wonderful.

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Their Call

Oh we stand up and fight/

We will do what is right/

By day or by night/

We will carry hope’s light/


We are not set apart/

Our goal to impart/

Some wisdom and kindness/

To remove hate’s blindness/


Warriors all are we/

Forever fight to be free/

From the cruelty and fear/

The danger far and near/


A spirit of fire and a will unbroken/

We will never leave these words unspoken/

For the weak, the tired, the beaten and lost/

We will protect them, no matter the cost/


Rather weak, in my opinion. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Winter Warmth


Cold but comforting I find you/

Something special and so true/

Change my world by subtle hues/

Blanket of grey, white and blues/


You let me forget for a little while/

You let me walk a quiet mile/

Pale as death but bright as life/

Calm this ocean, sooth my strife/


Freeze the hour, slow our pace/

A better time, a better place/

Smooth the lines, blur the sky/

Night’s like this, I do not cry/


Paint this scene in darker light/

For you I pray this silent night/

Snow, oh snow, where did you go?/

Wherever you fly, I follow/



Finally got around to a poem about snow.

I really can't explain how much it cheers me up and how beautiful it makes things.

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Ah but in every life some rain must fall, and I wanted to try something new.


Frostbite Love


You had me seeing white/

Right from the start/

There was no light/

Just your dark heart/


All I saw, beauty and cheer/

Deep inside you’ve a heart of ice/

You hid yourself, not so clear/

I didn’t listen, I paid the price/


Cold and cruel, like a storm/

I freeze to death in your arms/

Ice fire, not so warm/

I fall victim to your charms/


Your voice like knives, your skin so blue/

I see it now, you’re not so kind/

I should have know you weren’t true/

‘Cause you leave me snowblind/


I lose it all at your caress/

Numb me out and leave me spent/

Like an angel in that dress/

But you’re not heavensent/


You cut me deep, down to the core/

A crow dressed as a dove/

I’m calling quits, I want no more/

Of this frostbite love/

Different rhyming scheme, I kinda think it worked out.

Had the idea while writing the one above. Of the two I like the one above more.

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What a World


I watched the sky blow up/

And the fire come down/

I saw the oceans rise/

And the mountains fall/

Piece by piece it comes unfurled/

What a crazy, scary world/


And through it all/

You might cry/

And in the end/

So will I/

It doesn’t matter/

There’s no shame/

You’ll never have to take the blame/


You’ll have me, and I’ll have you/

One for one, and two for two/

Hand in hand we’ll walk this land/

Past the grass, through the sand/


And through it all/

I’ll be here/

And in the end/

You’ll see clear/

In the rain under skies so pearled/

What a crazy, wonderful world/


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  • 2 weeks later...

Our Shadow’s March


I’m concerned about the future/

I worry about the past

Try to walk the straight and narrow/

But it all goes by too fast/


Many faces look forward/

But too often we look back/

See the long shadows behind us/

Stress enough to crack/


We spend an hour on the stage/

The old man had it right/

We play our part and read our lines/

Fall quickly out of sight/


Too often blinded by the lights/

The smoke the heat and sound/

Fall beneath the waves of time/

Quickly lost and never found/


Keep gaze at the sky/

Forward, towards the dawn/

Worry not the shadows/

For the past, is forever gone/


And it was this very night I thought I wasn't going to write anything...

Also, included a reference to the most noteworthy of poets, and his most tragic (In my opinion) play. See if you can spot it.

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One Truth


Beaten bruised, you’ve fallen far/

An ember, once the shining star/

All fades to black, light failing fast/

Times like these your hour’s past/


Grab onto something, hold it tight/

Won’t let you fade into the night/

With nothing else it glows so bright/

Four words spoken, hope takes flight/


The fear is deep, into the core/

Never was this bad before/

Cut and cleave, break down the door/

Through the walls it ripped and tore/


The seasons change, as does the sky/

Time and again we try, and try/

We cheat and steal, hurt and lie/

We’re human too, sometimes we cry/

Views may change, as molten brass/

We slip and fall on broken glass/

One truth we can’t surpass/

Is that this too, shall pass/


It's a phrase from fairly ancient middle-eastern poetry. It's been included in quite a few poems as it seems it was a popular theme at the time.  It's a story of a king, who felt too high and more often, too low. He asked the wisemen to find a way to stop these extremes, and they came back with a ring that simply read "This too, shall pass."

I quite enjoy the story and it's lesson, that everything will pass. Good things must come to an end, and no matter what's wrong, it will pass. Things will get better.

Anyway felt like writing a poem about that lesson as well. Always good to remember.

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If I hear it I’ll condemn it/

Lock it in the dark/

If I suffocate I’ll do it quietly/

And play the music far too loud/


I’ll choke on every dream/

Prick myself on every thorn/

Trip, stumble, get up and fall/

Isn’t it hard to see in the dark?/


When words don’t fit/

And feet may fail/

When the sky shatters/

And the bubble bursts/


What can you do?/

Where do you go?/

Won’t get far, either way/

The streets stretch on, and on, and on/


Every poison looks like gold/

And every cure tastes like ash/

Temptation beckons on the horizon/

Blocking everything else out/


I’m one foot from the edge/

And one thousand from home/

All the times are behind me now/

But damn I want to go back/



I didn't even want to give this thing a name

Man fuck today. At least I finished this.

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Creativity and Reality


Stark reality stares from the light of the sun

As the dawn burns through the evening’s clouds

The will of our gods is handed down harshly

Make their ends yours or pay their price


The neon prophets roam the streets

Romanticizing history’s thin aeons

Reject this moment to relive the last

As we stride backwards into enlightenment


And the streets of our world run red

With the blood of our times flowing freely

As one likeness, together

By many differences, divided


The scattered minds of the new world

Seek solace in the tools of expression

To make fit that which is not measurable

And to give meaning to meaninglessness




So free form, and I wanted to do something like this for a looong time, and I quite enjoyed being a little less literal

Then again it's been a long week, I've ran a continuous fever for four days, I'm mostly incoherent, I might be slightly exhausted and this is probably dreadfully pretentious! But it does have meaning to it. You can probably tell.

I even wrote it down to myself in the original document because I don't trust myself to not forget everything that happened tonight.

Hope you enjoyed.

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