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I'm a smoker, 13 years strong I guess. Fuck I'm dumb.

But, this isn't about me, this is about my dad.

He's already had a heart attack over the shit, it was pure luck he was around a major city when it happened, because if it happened the day before, he would have still been in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere on a fishing trip and he would have been dead for 2 years now. So, he's on a pile of pills daily yadda-yadda doctor said it was the fucking smoking that made it happen. He's 62 now.

You know what scares the fuck out of me? The thought of losing a parent. We're a very tight-knit family, and we're hugely lucky for what we have, I couldn't imagine life without any of us around.

He's fucking smoking again though, although not near as much as before, but I get to be the scapegoat for him to hide it from my mother because I'm around a lot and I always have smokes in my pocket. I've been finding packs of cigarettes hiding around in places around their house, so I know he's smoking when I'm not around too.

I would imagine the first thought that would pop up is to tell him to fuck off and not give him a cigarette, which makes sense, but that's not the way it works. I almost wish that wasn't the way we rolled as a family unit for that reason, and though it's hard to explain, it just doesn't work that way. I guess the gist of it would be that everybody is their own entity, and if they're going to sink themselves into the ground, they'll have support right up until they start fucking around with other family members.

Also, I would bet 10-1 that he's probably smoking more when I'm not around, because he knows damn well I'm not cool with it, and I'm sure he tapers it off a bit when I'm around.

He is fucking smoking again, and I hate it. Like I said, that was the main thing the doctor told him to do, to stay way the fuck away from. Said doctor also said to get more exercise and drink less, but the opposite of those two are pretty well staples; that was the main point, though, no more smokes.

I've thought about bringing my mother into this spiel, because she's the only reason he smokes as little as he does right now, but then she gets to stress out wondering what the fuck he's doing all the time and God knows my dad would be some kind of pissed when he would put 2 and 2 together and figure out I told her he's back on the shit.

I just don't want the fucking guy to smoke, I want to have the both of them around until they're, well, at least way older than right now.

How the fuck can I get a point across? That it really bothers me that he's chancing this shit with a stent in his heart and a smorg of pills to swallow every fucking day? I even asked him how much it hurt when he collapsed at the hotel he was at, what the fuck he thought, shit to try and bring him back to that day, and he recalls it like it was complete shit. Still not enough, I guess.

Additionally, I would really like to know, what are the chances? After having a heart-attack, and smoking significantly less than he did before, does he have better chances of not having round 2 happen? He really isn't smoking anywhere near as much as he used to, just he still is.

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"I give him cigs even though I don't want to"

"how do I get the point across?"


... Seriously?

stop supplying him cigarettes. I've had an uncle get a stent in his heart and my dad once collapsed and passed out from smoking. I've lost a parent before and I know the pain


 cut him off. Draw the line. It WILL happen again if his heart is in such bad shape that he has had a H.A

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Sorry to say, but smoking at all will lead him to an early grave, especially if he's been smoking for most of his life. He's still ingesting a fuckton of carcinogens, tar, and co2. At least from where I stand, cutting back on smoking won't really make any difference in the long run.

I know it may sound excessive, but have you tried isolating your father from other smokers? Have you tried staging an intervention?

I initially quit smoking in order to encourage my mom to stop as well once I got some other close relatives to help me confront her. I'd recommend trying the same thing.

I'm pretty much going through the same thing with my mother. The hardest part is getting my mom to stop for about a week only to have one our shitty relatives step in, smoke around her and have her relapse.

Smoking killed her my grandmother and now it's killing my mother. It was hard watching my grandma die, and it's even harder knowing that with each cigarette she gets closer and closer to ending up like my grandma, i.e. dead from advanced lung cancer.

You need to do something fast because at his age your dad will probably either have to quick cold turkey asap or face an incredibly premature death.

Good luck. I know it's hard watching a dear relative destroy themselves like that.

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If he's been smoking for a while then the damage is already done. Stopping an addiction isn't easy and most people hate going through withdrawals. If he's old already there is no real point in trying to stop him since it could make him better or it could make him worse.

All stories like this go the same way and have the same ending. If you don't want that ending, change the story and do something different.

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5 hours ago, Gamedog said:

The guys at my work do it and the only problem is that it doesn't help them quit

they smoke cigs in their trucks and vape indoors.


A few coworkers do this in the library and they usually smoke a pack a day on average. Many smokers who do not want to quit use it as an alternative to their "smoke breaks". 

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39 minutes ago, Therapy Sergal said:

Smokers are pathetic. We should consider adding something to the cigs, so they die faster and rid the world of their existance.

You're not very good at this "therapy" thing.

Also, government mandated response to an edgelord post:


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I smoked a little bit in high school and after but never really got hooked on nicotine now I'll only have a cigarette once a year or so if I'm hanging out with people drinking and smoking but personally smoking around others is something I can't stand it's your choice to smoke don't make others have to breath in your second hand smoke go the fuk outside 

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