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okay so i am not particularly good with introductions, but i can try!

my name's seven and it's nice to meet everybody! i'm a chick from the USA who likes ... stuff. i love a lot of things, and i've been a furry for quite some time.

i found this site via one of vae's blogs ( aka one of the wonderful mods of this forum ), since i'm a long-time fan of her art and stuff. i hope i didn't sound creepy.

but yeah, it's nice to meet everybody! i hope we can get along! i'm not particularly talkative, but i'm extremely nice and laidback for the most part.

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1 hour ago, Kosha said:

@Vae You have fans? :V

Welcome Seven! I hope you have fun here!

PFFT, i'm just always a huge sucker for realistic detail and stuff. ♥

but thank you so so much! i hope i'll be able to actually stick around and chat with everybody and not poof off the face of existence after day one. i tend to do that ...

2 minutes ago, Vae said:

Wow rood.

Also hi. Thanks for enjoying my art.
I hope you have fun on the forums.

hey, it's no problem! don't worry about me being too much of a bother. :P

also tysm! i'm sure i will!

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Hi there Miss Bat! Hope ya have fun here. What kinda bat are ya? Fruit, Vampire, or any particular sort?

(I used to live in this rustic warehouse/art studio space, in an old factory, and bats would get in...always thought they were kinda cute critters, and they always just flew back out, eventually (It was an odd shaped space, mainly one large room, 20' by 80' by maybe 16' high, so they would fly around like it was a cave. I think we had three bats, in the few years I stayed there)

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