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The thirst is getting bigger!


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Understanding your feelings makes it easier to live with them, so with that in mind I give you Strongbob's fun facts about love, life, and sex.

1.  The only reason you are physically attracted to other people is because humanity would die out if you weren't.

2.  The only reason sex feels good is because humanity would die out if it didn't.

3.  The only reason babies are cute is because humanity would die out if they weren't.

And that's all you really need to know about your feelings in this regard.  You personally can choose to be influenced by these or not.  


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12 minutes ago, Jtrekkie said:

Until then you might, uh, want to familiarize yourself with... safety.

What a inspiring speech.


While I'd assume you'd know the basics of puberty, basically hormones=want sex.

Also around this time some people want an actual partner, someone to feel close to. Also natural.

Just, remember to try and keep a reign on it, try not to be clingy but don't afraid to make relationships.


Also, what Jere said. Protection.


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Ah yes...that hit me around 8th or 9th grade, friend.


It was weird since as a kid romance and stuff was always offputting, but then...it happened...

To me it felt incredibly weird and unwanted at first, like a werewolf transformation where I was forced into being attracted to people cuz HORMONES :0

...well its not so bad I've gotten used to it, its not a priority but in the end attractive people are pretty great and its nice being with them romantically/sexually :D 

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