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The Avatar Beauty Pageant


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The world's first Mister/Miss/Misc Phoenixed Avatar Beauty Pageant is under way. It has come down to two contestants and you're the judge!

Of the 2 avatars above your post, you choose the prettiest/sexiest/cutest/most interesting one and maybe say why!


Our first poster will have easy choice, given my opponent was a no show ;)

Mod edit: This is a reminder to everyone to remember forum rules, and not make creepy sexual comments, flirtatious advances, or otherwise be gross when making comments about people, their characters, or their avatars.
Other than that, have fun.
- Vae

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Well, Shiro *was* winning, but was suddenly and unexpectedly struck in the eye by a random piece of flying mashed potato during the swimsuit round, allowing Caledonian to pull ahead during the talent contest with a soulful bagpipe melody.

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Oof, tough competition here! I mean, just look at that adorable raccoon smile! And yet, those majestic horns! Any judge would have a hard time choosing here! I'm going to have to go with Pothocket, due to an amazing show in the talent competition. Never have I seen such pyrotechnics!

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