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Let's post our desktops and rate each others. Feel free to help post your ricing and any configs that you want.

My work setup is Manjaro Linux and uses a hybrid of Xfce4/AwesomeWM in order to keep it lightweight whilst not destroying the wacom driver. I have two taskbars to handle workspaces, current song playing (MPD) and statuses at a glance. My Development laptop uses i3.


Firefox follows a similar dark theme:


Terminals handle music, files and task manager.

Finally, Krita for my artwork.

Feel free to post your desktops and ask questions about ricing!


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I only really use Rainmeter. I'm working on customising my desktop a little more, I'm going to combine this current skin (NXT-OS) with the Enigma skin, see if I can work out a really nice flow with them.

I would change my taskbar to be more like the OSX taskbar but that's one of the things I dislike about that OS - but then again, I don't like the way the Windows taskbar looks either. It's too chunky and intrusive, I'm gonna try and figure something out.





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I've got an old-ish LCD tv (the bigger desktop) which actually works surprisingly well as a second monitor. I've also got a theme I made up on Windows 8 which cycles through a few other space-related photos but for some reason Windows 10 doesn't let you create or edit themes yourself, which is a bit crap because I've seen a few more photos I wanted to add to it. :\

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My older main PC:


The dockapps are nautilus, asclock, wmmail, wmdrawer, wmweather+, wmsun, wmmoonclock, xchat, firefox, gnome-dictionary (though I may change it later), wmload, and docker holding stalonetray.  The clip apps are virtualbox, amaya, and wmxmms2.  Running in the background below Firefox is TTYtter in two terminal windows; the AD one is blocked from view.

Whenever i use Linux, I keep tending to drift back to Window Maker no matter what window manager or desktop environment I try.

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I need a new background, some of these make me jelly >_>


Gaze upon my triple screen master race. Not in eyefinity cause working... Yes, most of those are wav files <_<Desktop.thumb.png.566fadf507e50f08233e9dEdit:

Alright I fixed it, but now I want to play through Mass Effect again xD



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Had a makeover in order to keep muh aesthetics in check with a Marshmallow-Inspired design. Colours have been made much more pleasing and I gave the top and bottom wi-boxes with a faux-transparency draw. Wallpaper is stock on the phone iirc.



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