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Longtime FA user/poster, recent addition here!

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Evening, chummers!

I'm Twopaw Tarnished-Silver, resident oWoD (White Wolf's 'Werewolf: the Apocalypse') Garou, otherwise being a werewolf. I've a fair bit of artwork up on FurAffinity and DeviantArt (links will hopefully work in my sidebar details) and I found out about an hour ago the massive shakeup on and closure of the FA forums a couple of months ago now, as Flayrah reported.

I hope my regular use and posting on FA will not be a hindrance to my activity here. Thanks for having me, and hoping you and yours are happy and healthy!


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Re: manual DA link addition.
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Sorry for the doublepost, but the edits I've tried to apply to my original message don't seem to be showing up. I'm putting up a manual link to my DeviantArt account (in place of the link in the left-hand sidebar, which has what looks like an unintended linebreak in it). Thus:


Okay, this is getting frustrating. The URL I posted above is linking to this thread rather than my DA. If a mod comes along, would you please do me the kindness of removing the last two posts (this one and the second one) with the original remaining?



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WOOOOOO....that signature size though. 

Anywho, have fun! Enjoy your stay but watch out for all the shit on the ground. 

With that said, I hope you'll grow to enjoy our lovable garbage heap!

The Lord of .gifs welcomes you.


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Your hobbies include shitting on Phoenix on both Weasyl and Phoenix itself.Just ignore this guy and enjoy your stay, OP.

Ikr! You never know weather I'm telling you to stay or go!

Anyway ignore the robot fucker I'm not so bad once I grow on you. I'm like a tumor, you know I'm bad to have around and am hazardous to your health, but when I am gone there is a kind of nostalgic value after growing so accustomed to me.

In other words: reads the contents of the book not just the cover.

Welcome to PC btw. 


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2Paw here!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you folks; I can be easily distracted by life and people and things. o_o Am assuming 'Mika' is referring to Mikazuki Marazhu (also wavies!), and I'm afraid I'm not one of his boyfriends. I'm currently not anyone's boyfriend, and haven't been such for quite a few years noo, to clarify. Is all gut, tho'.

Enjoying uber gifs and photomods, in any case, and thank you all for posting me back in here!


P.S.: Signature tu big? I can scale it down a bit if it's kind of overwhelming.

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Saxon, Willow, good morning!

Give us a couple of minutes after this post, and it'll be taken care of. Thank you for asking, and for putting up with my uber huge dig for the last few months! :) Aiyah, and thank you for the welcome, tu!


Edit: Sig redone! Please let me know if my revised signature is appropriate for its purpose. :)

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Confirming Sig redo! o_o
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