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Crazy Lee

Clean furry art thread!!!

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33 minutes ago, Saxon said:

Having reviewed this artist's gallery, this is one of their better pieces. I come across a lot of good artists on Fur affinity who have hardly any favourites...and this artist is sort of an example of the reverse. I am not sure why this artist has so much attention...because most of the art they produce is...just not that good, very tumbleresque and many of their images show that they positively struggle to draw anatomy.

/asshole rant over.

I don't know man, their art looks more than decent to me personally

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4 hours ago, Saxon said:

I'm just a massive mean shit.

You don't like their art but that doesn't make you a massive mean shit. I can understand why it's not up your alley since you favor a much more realistic style



On another note, here's some more art



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Some varied outstanding work from my favorites on Weasyl. Starting with my friend's stuff who is criminally underrated.







(I love this one SO fucking much.)




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Doorsign for me and my bud at the upcoming EF22, drawn by RuntyInk :D (Both characters also works individually as our badges thus why they don't exactly look at one another)


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So sad, yet so adorable. *sigh*


I'll bet there's a story behind this. The girl doesn't appreciate the gesture by the guy in the red sweater vest, but I see that she's wearing a locket. Maybe it holds a picture of her true love.

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darkicewolf has a very detailed realistic style I quite like, and their attention to landscape and background elements in many of their works is exceptional:





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