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Rant:stfu your not funny


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I dont know what i think.

Well i have a classmate and i am good befriended with him but he is kinda strange.

He tries to make jokes and tries to be funny but he isnt really, he also kinda smiles the wholes time but i think its a forced smile. His smile really looks forced.

I told him that i find a girl in my class strange because i told her something and everyone in the class knew it. Well he maked fun of her with that and said that i dont like her and find her strange but i never said that i dont like her, she asked if i like her because the boy maked fun if her.


I have the feeling always the feeling that person that look normal to me are retards.


PS:He is half austrian and half russian


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2 minutes ago, Nova said:

Your cum tastes like crap :V

It tastes like candy floss, actually. 

Well don't rim people after you unload in their ass

And definitely don't rim @Astus after he unloads in his diaper. :V

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