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Bell Peppers (Capsicums)


Bell Peppers (Capsicums)  

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3 minutes ago, Sylver said:

My worst memory of kindergarten was the day they brought capsicum and dip for snack time.

I gained a valuable life skill. Now I can lick and suck the exterior of something without biting into it, and get all that rich creamy dip. (jesus christ why does my mind like to make things sound sexual)

do...do you wanna hang out later?

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I have an odd story about a close vegetarian friend of mine, who hated bell peppers with a passion: this was about 8 years ago. She complained of them often, and I teased her about this even more often.

We were having a birthday party for her in an row-house I was living in with my mate and another friend at the time, and we had a lot of room; a nice stereo, a few pinball machines set up, all in all, an ideal setting. So after a few hours had passed, and drinks were flowing, and we had set out food, and things hadn't yet got too crazy, I had her boyfriend at the time take her cellphone from her purse. I took said phone, and encased it in a small zip lock bag, and placed this into a very large green bell pepper, whose top I had cut open rather like a pumpkin. Then, I snuck it back out, near a display of food. The next step, of course, was to call her phone, when she was nearby. And it was hilarious. Her hatred of Bell Peppers was well known to most of her friends. She was a bit tipsy, and grabbed the pepper, thinking perhaps it was some ceramic ornament, and then, looked straight at me, with a mixture of emotions, knowing I had pulled such a quirky prank, and reeling at the thought of having touched, and opened, a bell pepper. I'm not sure how I got this idea, must be part of my mischievous nature. So be careful...

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