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I'm not new

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I'm not.


But that's okay.


All you need to do is not come online for a year or more.


People will greet you again.


Why are people so social. How unused.


Only the oldest fags here know me.

Hi to the new ones!


Let's play will I stay or will I forget about checking in again.

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1 hour ago, DrGravitas said:

Welcome back! How's the 3D been?

Hey, thanks!

I feel like I've made the biggest progress over the past year than I have ever. Been able to work more and more and learn more through doing so.

I'm posting the most important stuff on Artstation, an art site specifically for Industry Standard art, so you can just check it out there ^^ prevents me from posting hundreds of pics in this thread


Also nice to see you're still around!

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