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Can I Get A Hug?


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And in this thread we can observe the secret furry jiff call, subtly named "hugs".

Observe as many viable mating partners answer the call, and measure the strength of their "hugs" in a competition to win over their future partner we nicknamed "#00Buck". These battles might seem calm for the untrained eyes, but behind the scene a vicious fight goes on in the shape of private messages, blogs and dick pictures. The competition can last for weeks before the strongest mate is chosen by #00Buck, than the mating ritual begins.

We will continue to follow these fascinating creatures lives. Stay tuned to Furrygeographic Wild for the next episode.

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18 hours ago, #00Buck said:

Aww thanks! 

I needed a hug. You guys are the best. 

I can't always post polls. I'm saving up my poll energy for my ultimate scat thread. 

Don't worry about boners. 

I only get those from the coffee cup, bottles of pee, and ashley's vibrator. 

I don't know if I should be flattered or grossed out so I'll be both at the same time and feel very confused

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I have no idea what I'm doing o_o

OK! First, I think I raise up my arms, right?


Then, I move to engage the, uh... target?


And then we for each other's back or something.


I feel like I'm forgetting a step.


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