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This is a simple game, similar to write a story but with an added bonus. Basically, the goal is to write a letter, 2 words per post. After a certain amount of posts, I decide when the letter is complete by posting "STOP". After that, I'll form it all into one letter. The cycle continues

As a fun dare (that you can do or not do :p) the last person to form the last 2 words of that letter, has to send it to someone they know that did not participate in the thread (family, friends, coworkers, classmates, etc)

So let's begin!

Dear person... (Note: The person who has to send the letter must replace person with the name of the one receiving the letter)

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@TheGreatFanatic you ended this letter. Choose who you shall send it to~

Dear Person,

I apologize for smelling your ass. It was just so juicy and fluffy that I couldn't help myself.

But still, I can't stop thinking because porn has managed to inseminate my very young virgin pizza bite.


This one was simple, a test. Lets make this next letter longer, crazier >:3

Dear Person....


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