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Which furry setting appeals to your more?


Your ideal furry setting  

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  1. 1. What's your ideal furry setting

    • Modern
    • Futuristic/Sci-fi
    • Medieval/Fantasy
    • Victorian/Steampunk
    • 17th/18th/early 19th century
    • Western
    • Feudal Japan
    • Ancient Egypt
    • 1920s/30s/40s
    • Prehistoric
    • Post-apocalyptic
    • Other

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It depends on the story for me, but my favourites are definitely Modern, Sci-fi/Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Jazz Era and Post-Apoc.

All for different reason, I blame my affinity towards Cyberpunk to @LazerMaster5 and Steampunk to @Caledonian:P

For Modern it's just because slice-of-life fits good there.

For Jazz Era it's cause I love Jazz culture, speakeasies, etc.

And Post-Apoc. because they made cool survival stories.

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Modern day is good because there's more depth to it. You don't have to look anything up and the characters are easier to relate to.

There's less room for stories to go wrong if the writer doesn't have to predict what the future or past was like. Focus can be placed on the narrative.

Because realistically, we all know what furries are like when you give them a pen.

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Modern, futuristic... And western too because why the hell not. With futuristic I can also imply me own little personal universe. Alien yiff, oh yeah :v

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10 hours ago, Conker said:

I feel like the aesthetic works best in the fantasy setting, for whatever reason. Probably a mix of Redwall and the simple fact that a lot of fantasy stories are down with talking animals or animal people.

The comic Uberquest is a pretty good example of a fantasy setting.

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When I think about it, I am so drawn to time-travel because I am so in love with many different eras. I find that each age has many different wonderful pieces of culture that enthrall me, so I would choose to incorporate them all. I tend to place characters in a futuristic setting so that they can time-travel to other periods. Although, I've been toying around with Magical Time-Travel, as well. 

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