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Adam Sandler Shits on Everything I Love

Sidewalk Surfboard

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So, I decided to watch Pixels with my mom because she saw it on Hulu or something similar and liked the premise. Guess who the fuck makes a surprise appearance in this shit fest?
Max Fucking Headroom.
This is exactly how I felt when I saw how Adam Sandler shoved in Beach Bear and Dook LaRue in his shitfest Just Go With It. Why Adam Sandler? Why must you take everything I obsess over and spread your asscheeks just wide enough so that the shit you call writing and directing falls out of your rectum like a chunky waterfall?

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1 minute ago, Mr. Fox said:

Furries shit on everything I love. 

We're quite dedicated to shitting on everything you love. We're getting more advanced, too. Soon, at the press of a button, we can shit on anything you love, on demand.

Isn't the future great?

Or should I say.... the furrrrture.

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