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Seems like I'm back again

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9 hours ago, 6tails said:

Well, welcome back. Don't know how long you'll stick around, hopefully it's a little while longer?

I hope so too. Much to deal with in my life atm ^^

9 hours ago, Alexxx-Returns said:

Yay! I'm glad you're back! The place isn't the same without you =)

Of course ;) somebody has to act adult

9 hours ago, DrDingo said:


Hello! You're back!

I am! Hallo!

9 hours ago, Amiir said:

Hey Joshi! It's been a long time. Where the heck have you been?

I've had too much shit to deal with in my life to find time for the forum here. Also I was very pissed at all those shitposts here. People seem to loose the sense for being serious

4 hours ago, Endless/Nameless said:


I'm one of those idiots who were here years before this forum existed. Hello

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17 hours ago, Vitaly said:

The first rule of Phoenixed Club.
Never try to leave the club.

I didn't try.

I just did.

Because I can.

17 hours ago, Chrysocyon said:

Eyy, the metal wolf is back. I was wondering where you went. Welcome back.

Too much to deal with and no time for shitpost.corvidae.org ;)

14 hours ago, Mikazuki Marazhu said:

Do I know you?



You should yes.

Go back to FAF and find me

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