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a doodly-do of muh troll/alien OC thing.  was just sketching to get used to drawing them and their ridiculous body, but i liked it so i kept it. 

linked because naked.  :^P

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It isn't April 1st anymore, but I drew another Transformer, just because. Just a quick doodle in response to a friend in chat last night.

...At least I didn't have to draw this one with my left hand. :b


(Could have sworn I saved that with transparency. Ah, well.)

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Some StarFox stuff. This might end up an ongoing project. I always  liked to imagine StarFox as a Raizing/Yagawa shooter in the vain of Battle Garegga, Great Mahou Daisakusen, and Armed Police Batrider. So I started making Arwings tailored to the four of the team members.


Spec shit:



  • Accessible all rounder ship with reasonable speed.
  • Linear straight firing options.
  • Lobbed smart bomb with large blast radius. Can be detonated at short or long ranges.
  • Fast charge shot speed, medium damage.


  • Difficult to handle agile craft.
  • Wind shot options fire diagonally left or right in tandem with ship's lateral movement. Fires forward with any vertical movement.
  • Bomb is a close proximity rapid payload.
  • Highest charge shot speed, lowest damage.


  • Slightly slower but easy to use ship.
  • Wide spread fire options cover a large area with little need for precision aiming; pilot can focus on precision dodging. 
  • Bomb fires wide spread high damaging laser shards. Higher damage at point blank range.
  • Medium charge speed and damage


  • Extremely slow, highly difficult ship.
  • Free shot options shadow ship's vertical movement in reverse (ship moves up, options go down vice versa). Gradually swivel around the side's of the craft opposing each other until facing forward or back. 
  • Bomb is a laser 3x the width of the craft.
  • Slow charge speed, most devastating charge power.

All ships fire the same charge shot with varying charge speeds and damage.

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Vonwig with some color experimentation, Lemmy, and Wendy.

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Been a week since I made this and still am super proud. Usually dislike my colouring in comparison to full b/w pieces, so I think I'm making pretty good progress. :)



On 9/12/2017 at 5:02 PM, Raphial Hebert said:

Battle between my fursona and his brother who has fallen.


Kickass! Adore fight scenes with intensive lighting. Welcome to the forums, btw!

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