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"Who's this?
He looks nervous.
I would like to kill him.
As would I.
It would be impolite.
Not here.
We give him a running start?
There's an idea.
And when we kill him, we kill him slow.
Such patience.
I want his tongue and liver.
They are yours.
We gave him a chance.
That we did.
I'd say we were more than fair.
Paragons of patience.
Job-like in the suppression of our desires.
But now.
Now we indulge.
His tongue and his liver.


Last Words:

"Grief, jagged edge green stipple showing through bleached white..
Anger, turquoise shot with red...
Pain, burned black. Burned black. The gods shouting thunder through the sky....
...We've got the scent of you, boy and we'll never forget it. No matter how far you send me, one day we'll track you down again and grease our chin with you."


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Lair: eilean_donan-castle.jpg

Theme: Runrig - the engine room

Last Words/Monologue: 

All me life ah've treed nea t'be ano'er sheep in the flack, see whit cam frea so! s'much stronger. an' noo ye wan'a bring me doon? yer a fool. 
(all my life I've tried not to be another sheep in the flock. see what came from that! so much stronger, and now you want to bring me down. fool.)

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Lair:  steampunk-factory-dxr.jpg?itok=QlPueiIP

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OydP-Vb1NQE

Monologue:  "I don't get it.  I was spawned from this place - this vast engine of coincidence - but you seem to be getting more sentimental about it than I am.  Maybe I should explain this a little better:  This factory was designed to make a body for the Gods of the Wheel.  With a physical form, they'll force themselves on everyone, and make this whole universe turn to their cycle.

Do you hear me?  All of existence, repeating the same pattern over and over again at the pleasure of egomaniacal gods.

I've talked to them.  They spoke to me.  They're not nice people.

I need to break their cycle, even if it means breaking the world with it.

Anything is better than this...

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