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"Awww, it looks like a toy"


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...when referring to a small animal or creature with stuffed animal or plushielike cuteness


Wait what?

How did we get from enjoying natural life, to fabricating inanimate objects to represent the living forms of living things...to going back to comparing living things to fabricated ones.


Such a strange cycle of "does art imitate life or does life imitate art"

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This is a furry forum where humans are on an electronic device using its incredible variety of powers to talk about humanoid animals of all kinds in ways that could be considered insane for even thinking about and you're questioning the cuteness of stuffed animals.

This is why I'm glad to be insane love this fandom


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We always wanted to hug fluffy and cute looking animals but never could unless you were willing to bear bloody claw marks on your cheek. So, we replaced them with animal like toys and have now grown too fond of them because they don't bite. 

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