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Post Tips for being sick!

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So we all get sick once in a while. Some more than others. There's always some friendly tips for people that help out with the problems. Some don't work at all and others work better than everything else. I got a sore throat and a cold 2 days ago and it's terrible so to fix that I drink hot strong black tea with loads of sugar and it works really well for getting rid of the pain in my throat. To stop a runny nose I clamp down on the upper section of my nose (y'know the bit between your eyes) and it seems to really slow it down. What do you guys do to help yourself out when you get sick?

Note: Tips for everything is great. Flu, stomach bugs, headaches, nose bleeds, nausea, coughing, etc. Tips for what not to do would also be nice. Maybe some tips posted could be used for future reference. Let's all help each other out here.

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56 minutes ago, 6tails said:

Feed EVERYTHING. Don't starve your body of the energy it needs to fight infection and the nutrition it needs to recover and rebuild.

So if I have a crippling addiction to heroine, meth, crack, and a bunch of other drugs,

should I feed the addiction?

Wait, don't answer that. I'm a minor and therefore susceptible to doing all the drugs.

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Drink lots of water. Proper hydration can do a lot in helping your body to fight and recover from whatever you have, and as most people are inadequately hydrated most of the time, it is especially important for them to ensure they are drinking well when sick.

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I got diabetes so I am pernamently ill. I got my meds tho so all is fine and dandy. 

But now jokes aside

As for coping with minor bacterial/viral infections alias illnesses, remember this; Your body is fighting an intruder within itself. It needs all the resources you can have, conserve as much energy as possible and above all, it needs time. Even if you can't feel your appetite when you have a flu or are vomiting, remember that it is the time when your body needs the energy from food the most. Drink a lot to keep yourself hydrated, preferably warm drinks. At the very least,  having a drink already warmed up conserves energy from your body to heat the liquid. Rest a lot and avoid hard physical exercises (but you still got to move to keep your limbs from going numb and to keep blood properly flowing), avoid intimate contact with other humans and always be ready to rush to the closest toilet. It might also be worth popping and taking a painkiller pill for sores. 

Personally, I don't become sick often but when I do, it is bloody uncomfortable and these are the advices that are helpful but also follow along the line of common sense. No humbug, nothing experimental, ancient herb medications, exorcism and whatnot, though you are free to try them if you want and find extra comfort from them

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8 hours ago, Sidewalk Surfboard said:

Take Vitamin C.

Unfortunately it is unclear whether vitamin C has any significant effect on preventing or ameliorating the common cold, and the original claim that it did stems from Linus Paulding, who was a brilliant chemist who sadly went insane and began claiming that taking large vitamin c doses would cure almost any disease.

Eventually he began claiming that massive doses of vitamin C would make him immortal.



Owing to Paulding, companies in the USA have long claimed that vitamin C is a cure or preventative for the common cold, but huge fines have recently been issued to such companies, for false advertising.


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4 hours ago, Sylver said:

I can't get sick.

Well, I can, but I choose to believe that I can't. Runny nose? Must be the weather. Sore throat? Some food must have scratched your throat on the way down, or you burned it while eating hot food too quickly. Feel like shit? Must not have had enough sleep. Interestingly, this seems to work for me and I don't know why.

I think it's a placebo effect. Maybe it's because people get stressed out to some degree when they think they're sick, and that stress weakens their immune system, causing the sickness to become worse? Who knows =/

Pain is merely the body's way of telling you that the may be damage in a certain area. Try to think of it like that; it's just a message and you can ignore it if you want to. I spilled boiling water on my hand a while ago, and while it was painful all I did was run cold water on it and then continue cooking. I felt the pain constantly, but it didn't affect my ability to carry out daily tasks, so why care? I'll work through blinding headaches because it's just a nuisance. If there isn't a convincing reason I should stop and care about the pain/injury, then I'll continue doing whatever I was doing regardless of the pain. If I stub my toe, I don't stop and curse, I just continue walking. One time, when I was a kid, I had such excruciating abdominal(or around that area) pain that whenever I walked it brought me to tears, so I stopped walking and ran instead. It made the pain worse, but for all I cared it could go get fucked.


This is great advice everyone should try and follow.

I've tried this for 3 years and still trying. I've gotten over coughing like it's nothing. The placebo effect is a funny thing. I wish I could figure out how it really works. When I get attacked at my school (which is common) I don't even flinch and just ignore the pain like nothing happened and it disappears. The more consistently I do it, the less it hurts to get hit. It's gotten to the point of scaring a few people and I'm an option for being a bodyguard for weaker students that pay for it. I used to get bruises from the smallest things and now getting charged at by a 6 foot tall bodybuilder doesn't even show. I thought I would never get sick again just about a month ago and now here I am with strep throat. I guess just don't think about it and it works.

Pain hurts because the brain wants it to and if you have acknowledged the severity of a problem and deemed it nothing, just keep going and the rest of your body will try and treat it as such. 

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Here are my tips for having a cold:

Feel sorry for yourself. This is the most important part of getting over a cold.
Stock up on those cold and flu medicinal hot drink sachets and try and keep to the every-4-hours part.
Stay in bed the whole time unless you need the bathroom, but make sure to have a nice hot bath or shower and enjoy it.
Play a video game.
Keep a bunch of tissues next to your bed and a carrier bag by the bed and use that as your bin.

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Black tea, lots of showers to make me feel nice and fresh, if you're going to be doing jobs, just do things you can sitting down like an assignment or such. I generally just try to sit around and be lazy, it takes my mind off of it. STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE. Don't make them sick or risk catching anything else while your immune system is focusing on other stuffs already.

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I have to say one that works terrifically well for cold sores is swishing hydrogen peroxide - in fact that stuff is amazing for just about everything, just don't swallow.

What you have to do to fight an illness is to peak your bodies health in terms of access to (healthy) nutrients and fluid while gently easing the symptoms to reduce stress.

It is my belief hypnosis would actually help a good deal as the mindset you take with you into an illness can help and for minor ones if you believe you are getting better you generally will.


Tea is probably useful as people have stated from a psychological and comfort care standpoint (tasty, warm steam rising clears sinuses) aswell as the caffiene energizing the body slightly and causing fluids to be pushed through at a faster rate.


Final thing is ginger, my personal beliefe is that the stuff is pretty good for just about everything and some delicious ginger coffee or tea will make the sniffles go away, create a pleasent warmness in you, and probably give you some good nutrition.

Sunlight also helps psychologically aswell as lights within that natural spectrum..... hospital lights are the worst for trying to feel okay.



If I had a cold, I would brew some ginger into tea, take plenty of water, a general multivitamen to replenish what my body will lose fighting the illness (Potassium is not needed for me due to the trans pills I'm on), once the tea is ready I would sit out on the porch drinking it while loosing myself to the breeze and rising sun with an occasional nap. Makes the illness pass sooner.


.......or I could have my goddess hypnotise me into literally not feeling the illness as my body and mind melt into pure pleasure and I spend the day in an eternal bliss of serving her.

You know, normal people things :V

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