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Soundtrack for depression

Sarcastic Coffeecup

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There's a good few people here who are depressed on various levels. Post the stuff in here that you either listen to while you are down or stuff that makes you feel down or calm.

I'm not necessarily looking for ultraenergetic songs that sing about depression and things crawling in your skin, but rather, auditory beauty or low moods.

I'll start with a couple of albums and songs.

Ulvesang gets top spot with its cover embed. Very chill acoustic melancholy music.

Sort of similar, Musk Ox brings instrumental melancholy a new twist with the addition of violin

Very moody, funereal sounds of Ulver (not to be mixed with Ulvesang above) fit my moods very well. Used to be a growly black metal band, and now....something entirely else.

Swaying towards the faster side, but still slow, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble is what you get when you combine jazz and very moody themes.

On the more classical side, rather aptly named Endless Melancholy is alright too with its pretty piano melodies and although it's not always that sad, it fits melancholia decently enough to warrant a listen.

On a slightly weirder note, I found this one song to be a real downer, in a good way. Their songs are either a hit or a miss, and to be honest, most miss, but this one hit the spot.

Similarly, Death cab for cutie. Hits and misses with its overly pretentious themes and/or lyrics often, and feels a bit forced, but this one fucking song I've got memorised because of how much I relate to some of the lyrics.

Thus far I haven't included electronica, because most of it is very upbeat or the likes, but there are gems hidden in there, such as this masterpiece.

Here we have weapons grade cuteness. Her voice and these sad songs... It's one hell of a mix.

Last but by far not the least, my fave band of all time, Gazpacho brings artsy prog to the scene. Stunning work all around, and works with or without a low mood.


So, what are your picks?

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+1 for Shadows of the Sun, that's my favourite album from Ulver.

When I'm depressed I usually listen to really downer stuff that only makes me feel worse. :'D

Anything by Sopor Aeternus, if you can get past their cheesy Gothic vampire shtick. This one is nice and mostly instrumental.

Some Devil Doll (not to be confused with the American rockabilly band of the same name), also cheesy avant garde stuff.

Some Devil Doll (not to be confused with the Slovenian rock band of the same name).

Certain songs by Muse.

For more electronic stuff, Skinny Puppy has some moody tracks.

Random stuff.


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really depends on what flavor of sad I am at a particular moment.

But I like stuff like this.

This song in particular has a somewhat dreamy but uplifting feel

David Bowie in general tends to attract me when I'm feeling a little cynical or morose, this is one of my favorites. I listen to my copy of his last album "Black Star" when I feel like I want to shed a tear.


This song is just pleasing to my ears. I also listen to "Skulls" by Royksopp.

"Creep" is more of a fun catchy thing. Stuff like this swings more in the direction of cheering me up. 


Motivational stuff

For when I really need to be cheered up by something silly. Though honestly I un-ironically like a lot of Falco songs when I'm in the right mood.

When I'm really really sad and we need to bring out the big guns. Full on cheese.



Baring any of these things I'll down an entire musical of some kind. By the time I'm done listening to the third act I'm usually over what made me feel depressed or at least in a better state of mind to move on with my day.

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Some of my candidates



A bunch of AIC ones, just check out their LPs if you're interested in more.

Can't forget one of their more notorious depressing songs. Combined with the imagery, it's just yikes.



This one was just a thing they came with for sound tests, but I really dig the chorus.


And something more aggressive, and from KoRn none the less. It's from the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned.


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Some of you have the weirdest sense of the term auditory beauty, I got to say. I've never had that phase where I'd try to medicate my lows with fast rock, it just doesn't fit the mood in any way for me.

This thread has got so many links it freezes up my browser so there's that.

Anyway, I'll continue with some more albums and songs that were left unincluded from OP.

There's this little thing. Seijaku. Apparently it's from an anime, I wouldn't know, haven't seen it nor have I delved into the rest of the OST. This one is enough and well, it's nice and simplistic.

Low Roar. Some yankee doodle lad went to iceland and got hit by a wall of depression. He channels that loneliness and hopelessness nicely to this album. Really good.

Then there's... Kidkanevil. I think I know my genres well enough but this doesn't feel like it fits anywhere. It's not particularly gloomy, but it isn't too happy either. I love the album art on this one, but the music is a bit bad at times.

A bit of an oddball of a band, No-Man is a side project of Steven Wilson. Not much to say about this than if you are in the right mood, the overly cheesy lyrics can hit hard.

One hit wonder for me, Mazzy Star's Look On Down From The Bridge is a real downer. I admit, I heard it first on Rachel and Morto, but it's still a good song.

A rare case for me to post a song with a clear beat to it, but the video in this is superb. I never knew two triangles jumping to the unknown could be so gut-wrenching.

When I think of depression and videogames, one game stands out the most. Silent Hill 2's OST. With two hours in play time, it means I can just mope uninterrupted for a bit.

Shoutouts to @Rhíulchabán and @Kosha for good picks

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This has 100% nothing to do with Bomberman outside of being on the same disc. It was not used on the console at all or even found in the game's files as an unused song (I doubt the N64 could even support it). It's just a personal bonus from the game's composer, Jun Chikuma, on the Bomberman Hero CD soundtrack.

Feel like it fits the tone of the thread.


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Now i'll have to go through this thread and listen to pretty much everything that's been posted whenever i have the energy but for now here's something that while haunting is unbelievably serene.

Lyrics for anyone interested:

I'm armed to the teeth
like a fucking animal
I ruin everything
I get my bony hands on

and here we go, now
over the bridge of sighs
we will get a cross like christ, crucified
it's like a birth but it is in reverse
never gets better, always gets worse

I'll gnaw at anything
new england is mine, and
it owes me a living

step one
step two
step three
step four, we fall through the floor
fall through the floor
fall through the floor

I want to feel like I feel when I'm asleep

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