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Draw the Poster Above You!


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here sorry it's shit i just wanted to bump the thread since its been over a day


i cannot into scales even in a shitty way

EDIT: fuck now it looks even shittier, thanks a lot guy after me :V

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sorry okay i wanted to make it up to you but i didn't see a request in your other post but I saw bagel rabbit and space so here :^)


also MY request still stands

EDIT EDIT: special request, if the next person redraws my avatar but as a raccoon I'll suck their dick

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Reserving this spot! I'm in bed atm so I'll edit this post tomorrow after I've finished. :P
Here ya go! Tried for a more spooky Halloween sorta look. :3

To the next person: I realize my avatar is a bit hard to make out so feel free to skip me and do stonebandit instead.

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@Kinharia This one is a sketch for you Bby ;P

Nolow hasn't been drawn on this page yet. I'll get Lazer if you get her


Haha, All male here~ ;)

I would have put in all the kinds of yellow on his face but I was afraid that it would just make it look worse. Also this actually looks like something :o


Thanks for the Picture!

Don't be afraid to play around if the desire hits you ;3c

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