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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Arguably more important than Black Friday, I hereby declare this a Thanksgiving thread! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you get a nice good batch of food and get to spend time with whoever you enjoy spending time with, be it families, friends, or whatever.

Talk about how your day goes. Any good food you're eating? Any strange and/or funny stories about the happenings of today?

Post rare turkeys

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It's still Wednesday here, but Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :3
I love Thanksgiving, but the poor holiday keeps getting overshadowed by Christmas and black Friday... ;-;
For our Thanksgiving, I have dinner with my brother, parents, grandparents (from my mom's side), aunt, uncle, and a family friend. It's smaller than the gathering my dad's side of the family has (that one is CHAOTIC, haha), but it's nice and pleasant.

We're having the usual turkey, among a bunch of other things. My three favorite Thanksgiving foods are the stuffing that my mom makes, the greenbean casserole my aunt makes, and the pumpkin pies that... We buy, because no one knows how to make them (yet... I want to learn though). Really looking forward to those!

I also look forward to seeing everyone, sitting down and having a nice meal together.

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Happy thanksgiving! Visiting my folks, making garlic bread stuffing, yum!

I'm thankful I'm not a furry who cut off ties with his parents because he wanted to become a murrsuiter pornstar.

Seriously though, why is it that you rarey see furries talk about visiting their parents on Thanksgiving? (I mean, you see people posting fursuit pics on twitter). I see a lot of people alone. It's sad. Are the parents angry said furry "came out" as a furry, maybe?

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Well, Im bumming it at my neighbor's house eating their food and watching *petting their dogs. No thanksgiving dinner for me. My family went to the beach an hour/two awayand I have to stay for work, so Im alone. I actually am enjoying the solitude is that bad?

Nope, being alone is one of lifes simple pleasures in moderation <3

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Happy genocide day everyone! Now let's stuff our faces from our glorious victory!

no to be historically accurate or anything but the initial pilgrims werent the genociders, I would think. landed on land and nearly starved and died to death and they got help from the Native Americans and formed an alliance,then the ancestors of the initial probably less asshole-ish Pilgrims probably started to feel entitlement and tldr I think the genocide thing happened a little later on.

"died to death" yes I know my brain is fried today

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