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How Do You Enjoy the Light


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...I actually dont at all. Well, not by normal standards. Light to me is always so harsh and bright and hurts my eyes. There's always too many people around and its always busy and it peaks my anxiety levels. Dark to me is soothing, calming, relaxing it in a way also gives me energy to explore and go out into it. Heck, my username is WolfNight for a reason. I always find it ironic that one is metaphorical good and metaphorical evil. 


Also its a damn good song and explains my feelings perfectly :P


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I tend to prefer night, though i usually still like to have a low wattage light on, unless it is a brighter night.

I also tend to like the contrast of streetlights and other light sources with the darkness of night, though this is more an aesthetic appreciation than practical.

5 hours ago, Glowing Glass said:

If I hide in it nobody will find me but I will find them.

Okay Buffalo Bill


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I like starlight and the light of the cosmic microwave background. I don't like my light to be ultraviolet, x-rays, or gamma rays.

Although, TV sets attempting to decode the cosmic microwave background still kinda' freaks me out, thanks to "Poltergeist."

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I like light when I can watch it drain away slowly. Preferably with inevitability and a sense of crushing failure resembling a hammer slowly shattering a pane of glass, sending reflective shards everywhere, like a thousand possibilites and chances scattered to the wind by one brutal action.

Also, blue! Blue light is delightfully calming.

Also I prefer white light to see by.

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