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Welp, its my time fur the mic


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Hey y'all!

After stalking this forum for like a year I figured it'd probably be best if I actually made an account.

Important notice; this will be the first online community forum thing I actually will post stuff in. Also, don't really know proper forum etiquette other than the rules.


Onwards to the actual introduction!

This guy hails from the Netherlands, 22 y/o and studies Software Engineering on HBO degree.

I have several interests including but not limited to:

Games; these days playing Overwatch, Skyrim and a FTB Minecraft modpack whenever I'm bored. Waitig for Endless space 2 to come out of Early Access. Preferred genres would either be strategy as Advance wars and Supreme commanders, or shooters as DOOM (either old or new) or Team Fortress 2.

Also waiting until I hate myself enough to finish playing dark souls 2.


Artwork; myself dabbling in drawing, pixel art and 3d, never got to a high enough skill level to brag or post anything. And probably not investing enough time in any to ever get good at it, but I still enjoy doing it from time to time. Looking at art is also a thing I do, which usually is very inspirational.


Taoism; In my time in public transit, I like to philosophise about my life. Which over the years pretty much came down to the guidelines of taoism and its ways of ideology. I dont even know how far off I am with understanding it, but it is an interesting idea nonetheless and try to apply it whenever I can, or rather let it apply itself.


Final notes before this thing gets too long to read through, I just finished reading homestuck and think it's the best story I ever read, above undertale.

Please don't tear me apart.

Have a nice day, you animals you :V


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Welcome to the forums, stranger!

You mentioned you're studying software engineering. Could you tell us more about that?
What exactly are you working with? Any favorite language/framework/system?

Besides that, I hope you have a pleasant stay here.

Have a cute fennec to brighten your <insert timezone here>.


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Thank yee kindly people, thank you for the warm welcome

1 hour ago, Sylver said:

Welcome, you seem like an interesting individual. I look forward to reading your posts :3

We have 1-3 discord chats, so if you're interested just drop Vae a message: https://phoenix.corvidae.org/profile/18-vae/ One of the chats is basically an extension of the forum

Heard of discord, never used it. Might try it out! Nothing ventured nothing gained.


25 minutes ago, george99g said:

Welcome to the forums, stranger!

You mentioned you're studying software engineering. Could you tell us more about that?
What exactly are you working with? Any favorite language/framework/system?

Well, I'm in my final year, having a minor of Big Data currently so I'm mostly using Python and MongoDB and after this an internship coupled with research that I need to defend/justify after 1/2 year.

We've had a lot of stuff, C++ on arduino, C# + Web forms and a little bit of ASP.net, Java, Java Server Pages, PHP, even did a little bit of android programming.

Gotta say I'm most impressed with the MVC models and web frameworks coupled with the versatility of Java. Albeit being confusing as we didn't get to explore much of it, the potential was pretty obvious. And dang I love messing around with or building APIs.

The most intricate application we've had to make until now would be registering/tracking all cars in a country real-time, people could pay or automatically pay the toll over the distance driven via website. And we even integrated a bit of police / government things such as adjusting CO2 taxes and following stolen cars. Made in java, so I guess my favorite language as of yet would be Java mostly because of the experience I have with it.

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Hey there, and welcome!

I also read and ponder a bit of Taoism, and early Chinese writers, Lao Tzu, Mo Tzu, Cheng Tzu, Confucius...very interesting era! As well as reading a lot, in general. Oh, and I also spend a lot of time on trains and mass transit, as well, where I tend to ponder things (lacking a smart phone or tablet) and often, just look out the window, wondering about things.

Hope ya have fun here! Wish I had more to say...I may be the only furry on earth who doesn't play video games, my system in a Super Nintendo, that gets used here and again...but I do love to play pinball machines a good deal. : )

Oh, what's your fursona? Always curious what people choose, and why, and what attributes they have.



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I have pondered on a fursona for soooo long, piecing it together over a long time.

So yeah, what I have up until now:
Realism mode would be your average arctic fox fitting in society like this one, pretty much an alternate universe if you will.


Probably the gamer in me speaking, but I'd imagine a Witcher 3 world. Rough, adventurous full o' magic, monsters and cool stuff. So here is that cool, cunning rough fox sitting by a campfire with his hunter gear, metal claws and crossbow during the night when the moon is out. And well, kind of thought of throwing that duality dao thing in there with alternate forms..

But that is way too outrageous, and I will probably just stick with realism mode.

Also, pinball machines eh? The old vintage ones? There are some pretty rad ones from what I've seen.

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18 minutes ago, Rhíulchabán said:

You are one of us now, there is no leaving...

*Maniatical laugh can be heard in the distance*


(for reference, the image is bit of an insider joke) 

But welcome in anyway. Hope you enjoy your stay. This forum could use a handful of new regular goers

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Welcome to Phoenix nomris! Waiting for endless space 2 eh? I recently bought the early access and so far it looks pretty and is coming along nicely!

"Preferred genre Strategy" "Supreme commander" Yes. Just yes.

But anyways nice to have you join in Nomris!

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17 hours ago, Revates said:

Welcome to Phoenix nomris! Waiting for endless space 2 eh? I recently bought the early access and so far it looks pretty and is coming along nicely!

Gotta buy it as soon as I get home today then! It definitely looks like its worth the money.

4 hours ago, Chrysocyon said:

You dropped a fur pun right in your introductory title... I like you already. You seem cool, I'm sure you'll fit in great. Also fantasy fursona all the way.

Nice to see another fan of classic Doom, one of these days we really need to set up a game and have a some forum matches.

I promise I will never overdo the puns! :V

If the old doom deathmatch ever becomes a thing, please do sign me up!

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On 11/19/2016 at 3:42 PM, Gator said:

you bring me no joy.

I can make exceptions :V

14 minutes ago, Caledonian said:

hey, goedemiddag en welkom!

Ik hoop dat je het naar je zin zal hebben op Phoenix!


Dank u zeer, waarde heer

Ik denk dat het wel goed zal komen, d'r gebeurt in ieder geval genoeg hiero.

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