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April Fool's


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7 minutes ago, SirRob said:

Gotta say, the best pranks are the ones that piss people off. Props to Google.

I don't know man, using those fucking yellow tic-tacs is really just cruel and unusual punishment. Like I'm pretty sure this qualifies as at least 20 different war crimes.

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I frequent the website MyAnimeList and discovered today that the name was changed to YourAnimeList and every person in the forums was given the title "Site Administrator" and now my profile on the website says that I'm a Site Moderator.

So that was fun.

I also like what the subreddit /r/Hearthstone is doing right now. 

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Ooo... let's see. The ones I've seen so far today.

The Google email one.

Zack Snyder says that BvS is actually an April Fools joke (I fucking wish).

You can clean the Youmacon (anime con) website with a Katamari ball so they can put up the 2016 website.

Square Enix just released a Chocobo ride share... WARK!!! @Rhíulchabán


Quilted Northern ArtisANAL toliet paper. GMO and gluten free, free range trees, perfect for the hippy or hipster or Whole Foods lover in your family.


And E-insurance Election insurance, when you want to flee the country if Trump is elected.


I'll post more as I find them. @Rh

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Snoopavision made me smile.

I don't know that i feel like venturing out into the rest of the AprFools morass tho... I might groan.

1 hour ago, ArielMT said:

I didn't get a chance to see it, and now it looks like it's gone.

Well, this is still up at least: https://www.youtube.com/snoopavision?v=90fLPWeTbyg 

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A couple more April Fools jokes I've seen include Deadpool announcing the movie's coming out on Laserdisk, Betamax, and VHS.

And Derpibooru, the MLP image board. They put a large watermark over all images. If you have images spoiled (like NSFW images), the spoiler is replaced with "Premium users only". There's an announcement at the top about a Premium account that costs a monthly subscription fee, which will get rid of the watermarks and the spoiler images.

Of course, most people didn't get the joke and are taking it seriously, calling the site greedy and ragequitting because they can't fap to cartoon horse vagina anymore. Zod forbid. I hope they ragequit for good, good riddance.

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Here's an April fools trick you can do at home.  Get a ruler and take off your right sock and measure your big toe and your pinky toe.   Divide the length of the two and use the following table to translate what it means about your sex life. 



Made you take your sock off


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