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We Need to Switch back to FAF


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16 minutes ago, Mr. Fox said:

It's okay, Phoenix makes up for it in shitposting. 

There's plenty of shitposting over there. One could say it's nothing but shitposting. There has yet to be a legitimate discussion there in forever.
At least the shitposts here are actually fucking entertaining. 

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On an anime forum I go to they had this problem for a while. Eventually the issue was solved and they don't get this sort of spam anymore; I wonder if I should ask the admins there how exactly they handled the issue and see if that can't be done on FAF as well.

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6 hours ago, Saxon said:

I suggested to FAF that they close the forum down until they can resolve the spamming problems.

I suspect some bitter person directed the spam bots there intentionally.

FAF's been spammed like that for years and years and years.  It's just that before a certain chaser admin took over, FAF had a halfway competent and very reasonably active staff that never let spammers get past posting a single piece of spam.

Before the admin shake-up, FAF got an effective anti-spam registration in place that lasted until the split.  Whatever NeoFAF is using (I should know but forgot) is either ineffective or not properly configured.

As I said over there a couple months back, the only thing that stopped spammers from being the first posters after it came back up was the fact that it was down and removed from DNS for about half a year.  As spammers rediscovered FAF coming back up, the spam problem has steadily gotten worse and worse.

It should be relatively easy to stop most of them from signing up and to police the rest (believe it or not, like we do here), but they can barely be arsed to have 50% of their forum staff actually log in, let alone manage it.

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11 hours ago, Battlechili said:

Shouldn't moderators be picked in accordance to what times they can be online to some degree? Why are these threads so common on FAF? Where are the mods?

When Arshes ran the forum show, mods were picked to a significant degree based on what times they could be on to minimize mod-free gaps.

They're so common on FAF now because, since the mass resignations before the split, FA administration hasn't adequately restaffed the forums.  It's only the occasional presence of Moderator-Gazelle that convinces me they made any effort at all to restaff.

Moderator-Dragon has never once logged in; net-cat hasn't been active for years, literally years; Sciggles and yak haven't been active for months, and everyone's favorite rocket chasing director of operations has his profile set to friends-only so who knows when he last checked in on how things were falling apart on his watch.

Of the remaining five, Asia Neko has been MIA most of a month, Moderator-Gazelle, Dragoneer, and SSJ3Mewtwo were last seen days ago, and only quoting_mungo was on recently.

The head admin is many times more active than his junior director of operations, and it's still not enough.

12 hours ago, Pignog said:

i can never go back, they banned zerig and deleted my thread about milk

Was this on NeoFAF?

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