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Rave: So I joined FURZU


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So I joined Furzu the other day. I actually like it. Yeah there are a lot of idiots on there that post absolute crap, but at the same time I have met quite a few awesome people. Even better, there are tons of furries from Brisbane Australia! I have been looking for furries from my neighborhood and now finally I have found like heaps of them!


I also like Furzu because its always active. There is always someone posting something and it really interests me.

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I'll have to to check it out.

There's definitely no furs  in my area (DC/Baltimore) on this site to hang out with, so I'll give it a go. Plus, it seems hard to meet and get to know people on this site in general, unless you already knew than from way back when, on FA. So it's certainly worth a shot, and I'm glad the OP had some luck.

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27 minutes ago, 6tails said:

I do invite you to the cooking broadcasts for somewhat that reason, why don't you drop in some time?

I should...do ya just follow the link, and then type messages back and forth? Well, I'll have to give it a whirl. I do like to cook. And I imagine the topics must vary from just cooking. So sure, I'll pop in some time, and thanks for the reminder!


But I do wanna try to find some local furry things going on...its odd: I have a pretty active social and work life, but the furry part never finds any expression, you could say, except online, and once a year at the con near DC. Which gets frustrating. I'll have to cast a wider net...there has to be some interesting furs close to me, probably just hiding in basements!

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10 hours ago, MalletFace said:

Did you mean Ferzu? I was a little confused when I saw furzu. "FURZU" signifas "YOU MUST FART" en Esperanto.

Also, the site seems rather creepy if the image on the main page is anything to go by. I think I'll pass.

Yeah it's called Ferzu, but I deliberately said Furzu. lol 

it's only creepy if you comment on the creepy posts. It all comes down to what you comment on. Comments get you followers/and or PM's so you attracted what you fish for. 

8 hours ago, willow said:

Ferzu was just okay. it wasn't good or bad but it was a very meh experience so I haven't really tried using it since it first went live.





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I joined about a week ago myself, and I have had chats with some cool people already. The news feed is absolute shit, though it's often hilarious. It's like no one takes the place seriously as a dating site, and the desperate loners looking for love are left praying in a pit of insanity in hopes of finding that special someone.

Honestly, Ferzu reminded me of this place. Maybe that's why I like it.

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1 hour ago, Sergei Nóhomo said:

I've never heard of it. Care sharing what it is? I'd like to check, but I dunno. A bit cautious with these sites I've never heard of


Actually nevermind

It's not all about that. I've not encountered much of that myself. Yeah you see some strange posts but it's just simple to scroll past 

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22 hours ago, Osrik said:



21 hours ago, Recel said:

I can't help but read some of them as a sentence...

"Murrsuit gamers dating Grommr"
"Skunk gender: Furfag"
"California joined Remnic"
"UK commissions cock"

Yes. I'm really bored.


"Lewd RP paws"



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3 hours ago, GemWolf said:

So would you. Infact, they have a special spot reserved for when you arrive. They have been waiting to crown the top village idiot. 

But, your majesty, you can not bestow a title that is already so befitting to you. I am not worthy. 

34 minutes ago, willow said:

okay ladies, be nice

But, mooooooooom!! Stop being no fun!

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