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Who Do You Miss


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Just now, jcstinks said:

This is one of those occasions where I'm not sure if people are genuine enemies or are about to start making out on the spot.

This is one of the brief times that I'm being completely serious. One of the few legitimate times where I will say that I am not joking around.  

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I miss a few cats I've lost, most notably my all black kitty (except a small white spot on her chest) named Blaze. She was pretty much my best friend. Didn't really have her that long, but she meant so much to me and she died in an absolutely horrible way... Makes me teary-eyed just typing this. March 14, 2005 - nevar forget. ;-;

Also kinda miss a couple friends from high school, but they have no time for me in their lives so I haven't even bothered trying for a long long time now. One is still in the state last I heard, couple hours drive away, but very busy with his job and other friends and boyfriends. The other one is in an entirely different state now and last I heard had a husband (she invited me to the wedding last we talked, but I couldn't afford to go), might have kids by now, so I'll definitely never hear from her again.

I also miss one net friend that I lost a couple years ago when he decided he had to "quit the internet" because he felt like it was hindering him. We were "pen pals" for a while after, but the letters kept getting more and more scarce (mostly my fault tbh because I'm not good at knowing what to say and forcing myself to focus on something time consuming like letter writing). August 2014 was the last letter when he told me he doesn't know what to say to me anymore. I decided if that was the case then I wasn't going to continue intruding on his life and never replied. He said he was going to send another letter after that one and it didn't happen, so that pretty much said to me that he was done.

Another net friend recently went on a mission for his religion and we get to email once a week, but it's not the same, so I miss him too. Reality has also hit me recently that when he comes back from his mission he still won't have time for me because he'll be starting his life up and focusing on that. He has a pretty solid plan of what's coming because of the connections he has and overall how good things are going, so basically I've lost yet another one because life > friends.


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