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Amazingly good Fursuits!


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10 minutes ago, Rhíulchabán said:

OHMYGAWD, OHMYGAWD! I love this so much, I need this in my life, this is so amazing! Holy shit... I just, words are hard!

Could you by chance tell me who made this fursuit and give me links to see more pictures of it, this is truly amazing!?


Yeah, I generally am not that into the idea of fursuits, but that is one that I seriously would want to own... it is just done so well.

It took me some searching to find some more information on this after i first saw it posted on Facebook, but I found that It was made by Rah-Bop, with the pictures originally posted on Twitter. I found their FA account (funnily enough, I had liked concept art of this character in the past), so they could probably be contacted for more information about the suit: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rah-bop/

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