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There was a previous thread for song lyrics, but it was being used for posting the entire songs.

This thread is for sharing little snippets of lyrics that you like.


Hers one to start:

"Inspirations have I none,
Just to touch the flaming dove;
All I have is my love of love,
And love is not loving"

- David Bowie "Soul Love"

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"The dream is over;
What can I say?
The dream is over,

I was the dreamweaver,
But now I'm reborn. 
I was the walrus,
But now I'm John. 
And so, dear friends,
You'll just have to carry on  

The dream is over."

     - John Lennon "God"

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On patrol in sector seven, keeping watch on Barber's sun,
They were jumped by three light cruisers though they wern't a match for one.
As they came to general quarters and they sent out the alarm,
Dawson's crew was sure they'd finally bought the farm.

No one living saw that battle though the fleet was quick to leave.
When they reached the site they found a scene no sane man could believe.
Dead in space lay three light cruisers, cut to ribbons all around,
But no sign of Dawson's Christian could be found.

-Duane Elms "Dawson's Christian"

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Nice meaningful quotes here. Here's my not-meaningful quote:

Hot Pizza,
Hot Pizza,
Hot Pizza

-Grum "Heartbeats"

Now, I'd feel pretty bad If I didn't do something even slightly serious, so:

I'm the colorless sunrise,
That's never good enough,
I'm the wind that's in your hair,
That ruffles you up,
If you can find a reason,
You can let me know,
I won't blame you,
I'll just turn and go.

-Imagine Dragons "Every Night"

And as a bonus, the little lyric bit that's stuck in my head:

She pushed her feet across the board walk
She keeps the sunset right with movement in her eyes
She knows she gets away with murder
Swallows up your heart of gold
And I don't know just where we've got to go

-Whitewoods "Beach Walk"

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''So much for the golden future, I can't even start
I've had every promise broken, there's anger in my heart
You don't know what it's like, you don't have a clue
If you did you'd find yourselves doing the same thing too!''

- Judas Priest, Breaking The Law (Motorhead Cover)

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"I know that I've been mad in love before
And how it could be with you
Really hurt me baby, really cut me baby
How can you have a day without a night
You're the book that I have opened
And now I've got to know much more

Like a soul without a mind
In a body without a heart
I'm missing every part"

 – Massive Attack "Unfinished Symphony"

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A few of my favourites:

People wept
And swallowed their jewels
Entered like soldiers
Departed as fools

It isn't a sentence
It's not a reward
It's a black parachute
With a noose for a cord

- PM Dawn "If You Never Say Goodbye"


The darkness must go
Down the rivers of night's dreaming,
Flow morphia slow,
Let the sunlight come streaming
Into my life

Richard O'Brien (the Rocky Horror Show) "Over at the Frankenstein Place"

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On Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 7:33 AM, FlynnCoyote said:

In the end only truth will survive,
no matter what you sacrifice
So you can't harvest your glory all based on deceit
'Cause no one will swallow your lies

-Hammerfall; No Sacrifice No Victory


Ooh Hammerfall! 

...(When all songs you are about to pick are about something bad, or sounds really bad...)

"The rainy season passes, and into utterly clear skies,
I stare, and alone I  
I'm sure that by now, you've gone 
As far from me as these clouds... 

Then I remembered what you once said: 
Winter is fine, but summer I hate..." 

Leave in Summer yet you're in my Fluffthoughts

And a song that doesn't seem okay at all:

"Cause really I'm a psycho.

You know I am a psycho, 
I told you I'm a psycho, psycho, psycho, psycho, psycho, psycho...

You know I'm a psycho, 
I told you I'm a psycho, 
Really... I'm a psycho."

The Happy song, by Poets of the Fall (I think.)

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"Let it roll across the floor
Through the hall and out the door
To the fountain of perpetual mirth
Let it roll for all it's worth

Find me where ye echo lays
Lose ye bodies in the maze
See the lord and all the mouths he feeds
Let it roll among the weeds

Let it roll"

 – "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)" George Harrison

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I'll steal from the last thread I posted thr song in, since its fresh in my head

We live on front porches and we swing life away

We get by just fine here on minimum wage

If love is a labor I'll slave until the end

I wont cross these street until you hold my hand

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Fear breeds contempt in the hear of a man
One has to question this common trait -
Why do we hate what we don't understand?
Forced into a body and damned with intelligence
Shoved into a soul, wired with circuitry you cannot control

A tradition so ancient that evolution will circumvent
Hell-bent on ideals instilled since birth
A price on life - the fleshes worth

Somewhere in this organism's development
A separate path taken - possible defect awakened
Some feel it was simply a choice and use morality
To strengthen their voice

-Cattle Decapitation, "Forced Gender Reassignment"

Just some social commentary before the splatter begins.

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"I got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same,
A window and a pigeon with a broken wing,
You can spend your whole life working for something,
Just to have it taken away.

People walk around pushing back their debts,
Wearing paychecks like necklaces and bracelets,
Talking about nothing, not thinking about death,
Every little heartbeat, every little breath.

People walk a tightrope on a razors edge.
Carrying their hurt and hatred and weapons.
It could be a bomb, or a bullet, or a pen,
Or a thought, or a word, or a sentence."

- Ain't No Reason' by Brett Dennen

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there's a hole in the ladder, a fence we can climb

mad as a hatter, you're thin as a dime

go out in the medow, the hills are a'green,

sing me a rainbow, steal me a dream

-Tom Waits

and of course, the deep and inspiring lyrics from which I draw inspiriation in my every day life

Responsibility's cool but there's more things to life

like gettin' ya dick

rode all fuckin' night

-Death Grips


P.S: Now we got all the coconuts, bitch

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You can arrest me, baby, I don't wanna leave
Lock me up, throw away the key
I don't care if I'm in trouble deep
I'm addicted to your love

I'll be your prisoner
I'll be your prisoner tonight
I, I, I, I'm under your spell
And I just can't get enough

-Prisoner: Jeffree Star

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"I've been down so low
People look at me and they know
They can tell something is wrong
Like I don't belong

Staring through a window
Standing outside, they're just too happy to care tonight
I want to be like them
But I'll mess it up again"


-'Wonderful World' by James Morrison

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Follow the arrow
Where it goes, you'll know
Where it leads
Follow your instinct
You might find a lead
Find the one missing link
Ohh, ohh, ohh

Then you'll see (then you'll see)
What you never believe
Could be your scene
(Then you'll see)
What you never believe
Could be your scene 

Then you'll see (then you'll see)
What you never believe
Could be your scene
(Then you'll see)
What you never believe
Could be

Follow the Arrow - Rosi Golan

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"I didn't think to bring a wash cloth
And rub away the dirt
Myself and I we share
This barely beating heart of hurt

And when the hurt comes there's an argument,
A fight to save a smile
A small attack on human tears
To dry them for a while"

'Drilled a Wire Through my Cheek' - Blue October

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"I wanna go where you're going
A follower following
Changing but never changed
Claiming but never claimed

Take me river carry me far
Lead me river like a mother
Take me over to some other unknown
Pull me in the undertow"

- '
River' by Lights

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"Let's see, uh then one evening
The snake was walking about in the garden
And he was talking to himself
And he saw the woman, and they started to talk

And they became friends, very good friends
And the woman liked the snake very much
Because when he talked, he made little noises with his tongue
And his long tongue was lightly licking about his lips

Like there was a fire inside his mouth
And the flame would come dancing out of his mouth
And this woman liked this very much
And after that, she was bored with the man

Because no matter what happened
He was always as happy as a clam
What did the snake say? Yes! What was he saying?
Okay, I will tell you

The snake told her things about the world
He told her about the time
When there was a big typhoon on the island
And all the sharks came out of the water, yes

They came out of the water
And they walked right into your house
With their big white teeth
And the woman heard these things and she was in love

And the man came out and said, "We have to go now"
And the woman did not want to go
Because she was a hothead
Because she was a woman in love

Anyway, they got into their boat and left the island
But they never stayed anywhere very long
Because the woman was restless, she was a hothead
She was a woman in love

And this is not a story people tell
It is something I know myself
And when I do my job, I am thinking about these things
Because when I do my job, that is what I think about"

Laurie Anderson, 'Langue D'amour', @1978/80

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"I knew you're youth, was for the takin', fire on a mental plane
So, I ran through the fields as the bats with their baby vein faces
Burst from the barn and flames in a violet, violent sky
And I fell on my knees and pressed you against me

You're soul was like a network of spittle
Like glass balls movin' in like cold streams of logic
And I prayed as that lightning attacked
That something will make it go crack

Something will make it go crack...

The palm trees fall into the sea
It doesn't matter much to me
As long as you're safe, Kimberly
And I can gaze deep into your starry eyes..."

-Patti Smith

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One of my fave recent somgs


"Make a little more love
Make a little less money
Catch a little more buzz
Off a little less honey
Can’t have it made there in the shade
When you’re workin’ all the time
Make a little more love
And be happy for the rest of your life"

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"Home - is where I want to be
But I guess I'm already there
I come home - she lifted up her wings
I guess that this must be the place
I can't tell one from another
Did I find you, or you find me?
There was a time
Before we were born
If someone asks, this where I'll be
Out of all those kinds of people
You got a face with a view
I'm just an animal looking for a home and,
Share the same space for a minute or two"

 - Talking Heads "Naïve Melody"

this is legit the most beautiful "love song" I know

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"Can someone tell me, someone tell me the way it has to be?

Is anyone at all alive inside of me? 
The breaking, always broken world we were born into the same
You’re laughing all the time, but never see a thing

I’m caving in, no I’ve been caved in and hold my breath again
Unraveling, truth on binding strings, won’t free me even yet
Unbreakable, I’m breaking down
Unshakable, I’m shaking now
You came to me, was lost and found

You’re making me open my eyes in twisted nightmares
Watch every part of me fade, I’m not there
Don’t follow me down, I don’t want to be found
(So look away now)

'unravel' - TK, Tokyo Ghoul OP (English lyrics by JubyPhonic)

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"So write me that song, now, Piano Man please,
And sing it out often and loud,
So they all know the story of one kind of hero,
The kind that makes everyone proud.

'Cause some kind of heroes are lunkheads like me,
Who only do things that they're told.
And some kind of heroes are out for the glory,
They're heroes on purpose, and cold.

Some become heroes for bravery, sure,
And some just because all is lost.
But a few are the heroes like Molly and Jed,
Who give without counting the cost."

- Leslie Fish, "Some Kind of Hero"

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"Crave communication
See me this is my life in the crazy robot man reservation
Do you feel him, the cold vibration
Comes from everywhere, produce a crazy science fiction creation

And I say ooh, ooh
I'm a robot man
And I say ooh, ooh
I'm a loser
I say ooh, ooh
I'm a robot man
Well, that's my mind
That's my life
That's my soul"

-Scorpions - 'Robot Man'

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There are times when
You might feel aimless
And can't see the places
Where you belong
But you will find that
There is a purpose
It's been there within you
All along
And when you're near it
You can almost hear it

It's like a symphony
Just keep listening
And pretty soon you'll start
To figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece
And there are melodies
In each one of us
Oohhh it's glorious

Glorious by David Archuleta (although my preferred version is this one)

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The Still Look
Curled Up In The Strait-Jacket.
Fading Of Tears.
Behind Every Kiss: A Potential Judas.
Desire Of Biting The Vital Artery
Mine, Or Of The First Passer-By.
Insects With Legs Torn Off
My Nails One By One
Shards Of Glass
In Eyes Of Cat
Smile. Or Simply: Ivory.
Good Night
Plug Disconnected.
Some Flowers
In The First Month
Then Just: Earth.

Devil Doll, "Dies Irae"

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Chequered light buildings

falling from the sky.

Sway as they

climb into your eye.

They're taller now

Everything has changed.

From an empty frame stares a distant face

Can he see me? At night and all alone?

In a flash I see the face is mine

Hanging from the mantlepiece is why

I say I could go back to the place where all keep is keeping on,

where everyone pretends that they belong and long and long.


If I tell you what I'm seeing, can you tell me what is true?

In the space between my feelings, there's a place for me and you.


Chequered Light Buildings - Gazpacho, probably some of the finest lyricwork I've read. Can be interpreted in a number of ways and it keeps making sense.

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"And with your nature reversed and our home as our cage
You caved in, you asked "is this coming of age?"
As you climbed out the window, your face cold as stone
You lifted the towel, your wrist showed the bone
I held my breath in the ER, I swayed as I stood
I tried to stay steady to protect you the best that I could
You pretended to sleep the entire ride home
But I heard you crying when you felt alone"

- In Framing - The Hotelier

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Interesting thread, glad i found it.

"Let us not mince our words
let's say it true this time
I need your forgiveness
Just like you need mine
Tell me how it is that
You don't want what He's given
It ain't no sin, son
To be forgiven"

16 Horsepower - Straw Foot

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