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What Kind of Furry Are *YOU*?


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1 minute ago, DrGravitas said:

So based on what I'm seeing above, it ranks from prey to predator, based in part about how knowledgeable you are about furries. That has... mildly concerning implications.

Gee, I wonder...


Yep. You're completely correct on that one.

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32 minutes ago, george99g said:


Just pointing out that this is a dating site masquerading as a furry-ness test.

Ok Cupid is a dating site, but a lot of people host quizzes on it.

It's not necessarily that it's trying to fool one thing for the other (Unless you actually do sign up I guess? I never have in all of the several quizzes I've taken on that site.),
it just serves two (and possibly more) functions.

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