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Getting a legal name change


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So that's a thing that will be happening tomorrow, it'll be awesome because I'll finally have a decent name that goes well with me, but most and all my friends pretty much call me by the name I always go by, my nickname, its easy enough and I made the name for myself.


Anyways, last minute suggestions for new name, Go Go Go! :V

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8 hours ago, Hux said:

Muhammad. It's the most popular name on the planet and it's perfect for a popular guy.

Dovahkiin is also a good one.

B-but...Hux kun, that would imply I was popular...whats the popufur version of that Murrhammad? B-Baka

2 hours ago, Sourdough said:

Now is your chance to go full furry and change your irl name to Wolf! For serious, what is your nickname?

It was tempting to change my last name to Wolfe but I wont because I also like that my last name is the namesake of a handgun :P


....shoulda changed my name to my username so that my true identity shall be revealed in the physical realm.

My real name I go by is Val, though.

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