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New Year's Resolutions?


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Finally get a pilot's license

Put the business I was forced to take over back on track so I can get my damn money back

Stop skipping classes and finally get that black belt in Iaido

Get back to doing Kendo again

Finish learning Italian

Start having dinner parties at my house again

Start a bee hive

Get my company's flagship product completed by Summer

Take sailing classes this summer (wanted to but never got around last summer)

Visit my friends more often

Probably won't have time to relearn the piano unfortunately

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Mine are

-Pick up more hobbies

-Quit being a negative nancy

-Get head checked because constant headaches

-Learn a lot of shit, AKA focus better on study

-Learn astronomy 101, stargazing has become more and more of a thing nowadays

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3 minutes ago, SirRob said:

- Be an astronaut

- Eat pudding

- Have seven girlfriends (separately)

- Stop my pinching habit

- Learn photosynthesis

1) Play Kerbal space station

2) ... Error

3) Play Honey pop and be famous you tuber dude man gamer

4) start a slapping habit instead

5) go outside

6).... $Profit$

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3 hours ago, Lizard King said:


It took me a bit to get that



Personally I'd like to become more physically fit. Hit the gym, become STRONK though I'm more interested in having a better toned rear :). This is my resolution with the least priority. The more important ones involve figuring out where to go for university and be more social and stuff 

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i don't think "goals that happen to be taking place this year" count as resolutions, so i'll leave off the weight loss/getting in shape/getting into school/getting a job/moving out/getting a license/getting a moped bit...

that leaves me with "draw more", "draw better", "write more", and "write better".  but especially write more; it's been a damn long time since i wrote anything. 

oh, and try to be more "present" and stop spending so much time in the shadows.  but i dunno about that one

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in 2015 i wanted to finish a 24pg comic -- i fell a little short at 21. My goals for 2016 are: a) finish the remaining pages of Ch1, b) build a website and host the comic, and c) ideally complete Ch2 of the comic.

16 hours ago, Onnes said:

Complete my doctoral thesis defense.


9 hours ago, Azurex said:

I have none


9 hours ago, Sarcastic Coffeecup said:

I made none.


6 hours ago, Harbinger said:

To continue to be as big of a failure as i have been the last decade or so, you know, a realistic goal.

epic same

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8 hours ago, Rhíulchabán said:

My biggest New Year's Resolution is such a cliche... but I really need to go with it this year. I need to lose weight, I made quite a bit of progress, but I need to keep going to stay healthy.

I experienced early signs of Diabetes last Summer and if I don't keep turning things around and let things go back to how they were, I will surely end up with diabetes and go down that long and horrible road... I will beat this, I will overcome my fatness! (I'm just glad I am where I am, some of my friends are at the point where working out is too painful to do anymore, but now that I'm down to 250 instead of 280 I'm feeling better and hoping to eventually make it down to 200 or even 180 over the next few years).

Well done. I wish you the best. 




On the subject of new year's resolutions, I do hope to actually do well at my degree this year, and to secure a research internship. 

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To stop being so irritated by some people's words and be more forgiving and understanding of their circumstances.

It's just hard to look at them with blue eyes when kick friends while their down.

I swear, if I ever have to testify against them,  they're more likely to be torn to shreds of my liking (and that's a terrible feeling to have in mind)

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