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Well so much for that.

Red Lion

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My absence from this site ends sooner than I thought it would.

My mom's medical junk is cleared up sooner than expected, I'm approaching the end of semester with my college courses, and for the first time in a while I actually have TIME on my hands.  

Also in this extra time I actually ended up sitting and thinking about phoenix and it hit me. For all my attempts to be sort of detached from forums in general I find that not only do I remember most of your usernames, but I also recall posts and conversations I've had with you guys and actually felt kind of happy thinking of you all and for once the positives of a community outweighed the negatives. I remembered that even so I don't talk to people a lot I genuinely like most of the users I have interacted with. 

I like @Saxon, @Toshabi, @Wrecker, @Wax, @Troj, @Sarcastic Coffeecup, @MissFleece, @Hux, @FenrirDarkWolf. @Sidewalk Surfboard @LadyRadarEars @Socketosis and @Naesaki. That's just the people I can name off the top of my head I'm p sure there's more of you that I like, it's more than I can say for the number of people I like talking to out of the user bases of the other sites I've been on.

As is my usual habit when a forum goes through a rough patch with some kind of mass exit or things sour between staff and user-base I opted to step out because realistically speaking, I have a lot of stress and shit IRL that need to work through and my relationship with a forum is usually one of the first things to go as I typically do not make many friends and inevitably will lose the will to make posts regularly. Forums for me are rarely more than a diversion where I go to drop some angsty rambling and of the many I've joined over the years I ended up quitting EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. So, I thought, why should phoenix be different? I'm not really anymore active on here than I was anywhere else, heck there were sites where I was more active, where I had hangouts and RPs that I eventually just quit because being there felt deeply unrewarding or I felt like the only person I talked to was gator.

I'm still not super close to anyone who's not gator, but I do actually enjoy all of you and I find that now that I have some time to spare and I feel less depressed I have motivation for coming back again. I daresay I even feel kind of silly for leaving in the first place. But well when I feel overwhelmed by things going on around me and I'm saddened by this lingering sense of isolation that crops up I forget that I had a reason for joining.

Well Ok my reason for joining was because Gator asked me too but my reason for sticking around boils down to me liking the site and the community, even when I forget how much I actually I enjoy being here. So, it might not mean much but, thanks for being the one community on the internet that I want to stick with in the end? 
Now with that dose of homo out of the way there's a thread in the rants and raves that's calling to me. *Dramatic cape swish*  

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2 minutes ago, FenrirDarkWolf said:

Oi, welcome back.

Glad things are getting better-ish, I guess.

I don't ever see you too often, but I do enjoy when our paths cross usually. c:

Being that gator is your official uncledaddy it's only right that I claim you as my step-nephewson. Our paths will probably cross more in the future. 

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Its nice you'll be sticking around :D and glad you're mum is okay.

Honestly I've not really been around here much myself lately, I occasionally appear and lurk and maybe post in the gaming section.

Been out of touch with the furrydom in general really.

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