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Things that you love! v2


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Gin, good steak carnitas burritos, panthers, gin, sleeping in past my alarm on workdays, sleeping in past any reasonable time on weekends, ice cubes shaped like the Titanic, glass bottles (you go, Aresh, plastic is for CHUMPS), Neil Young, Rush, schadenfreude, BSD derivatives (Linux can rot), gin, purring cats, big-displacement engines, self-reliant individuals, Voice over IP services that replace traditional landlines (eat a dick, SBC-turned-AT&T). 

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I love all of you guys. Really, I was expecting the move to a completely new forum to be like a ghost town, but look at how lively this place is. Just shows how tight we are as a community, and no one can take that from us.

Long live Phoenix!

To be honest, I expected the same thing, but I was relieved when I saw how many people joined and posted in the span of like, 24 hours?

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Gah, I really love awesome weather. Temp last night was just amazing, nice cool breeze, very clean smelling air and clear evening sky... But of course I had to work. Would have been the perfect night to grill my beefs and stargaze. 3: Too cool for the stingy and bitey bugs to bother me.

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people are more entitled to buy silver jewelry than gold.

Its valuable, not prone to theft, trendy color.

Gold sucks.

I love gold coins and platinum coins too, but I have the greatest abundance of silver.

The best part of silver is that ownership of the metal is not a major financial sacrifice.

But to move back on topic:

Nutella. I love Nutella. 

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