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Look yourself UP


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This game is very simple. Pick your search engine of choice and look your username up

look at dis shit.png

Apparently there's a guy called Amin Amir that makes satyrical comics about the African Horn I suppose


So? What'd you get?

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This is my primary online name.... so...

1 My wikifur

2 My FA, but it's calling it Nomnomnom's homepage, which was my weasyl?

3 My minicity, please visit it!

4 Images of my fursona, really shitty old picture traces

5. my mostly abandoned DA

6. My youtube

7 Not My youtube

8 Me on e926, I don't even know why that peice is on there.

9 Not my instagram

10 My steam

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Baby names and some programing and software stuff:


Not surprising as I already found that the totally original name I had come up with was an already existent name, but I suck at making names so I stuck with it (it's not even that different than my other online name, Seric)

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