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Video game music


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Post your fa orite video game music here.  


I've been listening to this one a lot these past few days and it really gets me all nostalgic like especially with the video. 




Edit: how the hell do ye post videos? xD

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If I had to pick just one song...

Holy shiz man. Buuut... that's like the only really good song in the entire game, the rest were meh at best (at least that I got to hear). I think I only finished the first 1/3 of it on my farthest playthrough.

Top fav video game soundtracks overall are for sure the original Pokemon G/S/C tracks (dis one and dis one, use to listen to the latter to help me fall asleep as a kid) and Dragon Warrior 3 GBC version (this and this, the one I really wanted to post instead of both boss fight songs I couldn't find on teh Youtubes in the GBC version, but it's called "Field" and I used to use that to help sleep also).

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I would post Undertale music, but it's all so good, and other people have done it already.


Love the heavy timpani in this one. Makes it one of my personal favorite tracks in BL2. I still play the game occasionally with some pals. (Wish Pre-Sequel had the same replayability as 2... I can't get into it as much)

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Favourite music from my favourite childhood game!

I remember owning the "Shareware Demo" of JJ2 before getting the full version, and the Laboratory level was the first one. After years of DOS, SNES and Game Boy games, this one was the first for me to have "better" graphics. I was like whoooaaa .o.
There's also a second version of this music with electric sounds in the background, and I couldn't find it anywhere else on the Internet until a friend got around to upload it for me:

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why would they change that beautiful work when they brought it to America

its not fair

Basically, Konami had created their own patented audio chip that gave them three extra sound channels to play with, allowing them to create more complex sounds and music. They used it in the Famicom version of Castlevania III and a few other games.

They were able to use it in Japan but in the US the NES didn't allow for any extra sound channels a cartridge may have been carrying, so Konami had to scale back the sound to make it work with the NES. Hence this instead of this.

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