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The world is ending. WHAT DO YOU DO?!


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I'd spend the time I have with my dog, because people suck and he deserves to be happy. I'd cook all the bacon we had and share it with him. Pretty much all the junk food that's bad for dogs I'd binge eat with him, maybe lace it with some sleeping pills so we'd never wake up.

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Depends heavily upon what kind of world ending we're talking about. Are we talking about world kasploding and there's nothing left, no chance for life at all, or are we talking world still around, but in utter chaos? Everyone here is assuming one way or the other and maybe that's what we're supposed to do, but I don't like to assume, so I will answer as if you're asking about both. :L

If the former: There's some things I'd like to tell some people that I don't because I have to talk to them again at some point and don't want awkward. I would get the bad confrontational type stuff out of the way first, then admit some things that I dunno if they're good or bad, then toss as much good out as I could. Ideally I would have the chance to tell certain internet people what I feel, but since they're internet people they'll likely be with their real family and friends since they actually have them and love them and I'm just some crazy Kin on the internet and don't really matter. Then after all is said and done that can be, I'd attempt to take my cats with me onto the roof of my house and watch it all unfold.

If the latter: This would depend a lot on if I had someone I wanted to live for. If yes, I would stick it out and try my best to put all the smarts I have from survival games and The Walking Dead to use. If not, I would probably wait to see if it was true, then if it was I would do everything from the first option, then give it until I ran out of resources for me and my cats to blow over (that's not long because most of my food is frozen/refrigerated), and then I would end myself because I'd likely be too terrified to try to live in a world that went to Hell when I have a really hard time in a world that's only partially gone to Hell. Not sure what I'd do about my cats in this situation. I'm torn between offing them first or setting them free. They would not survive in a chaotic world very long, one only has one eye and the other has bad coordination and is dopey, so the most humane thing would probably be to take them out with me as quickly and pain-free as possible, but I don't know if I have the heart to do it. I love them so much and just imagining having to end their lives makes me extremely sad... This is a horrible thread. ;-;

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