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What kind of hair you got?


Long hair or short?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Long or short?

    • I have long hair
    • I have short hair
    • I have no hair please don't bring attention to my male pattern baldness.
  2. 2. What do you prefer?

    • I prefer long hair.
    • I prefer short hair.
    • I prefer bald heads.
    • I collect injun scalps. Gubmint gives me a dollar each.

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So it seems like a lot of the dudes around here are a bunch of long hair hippies. Im just curious as to what people have. I personally do not like long hair on men unless that man is Fabio or Nicholas Cage in con air. But, to each his own.

Also, i find short hair attractive on men and women equally.

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To add medium fucking hair.
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i have a big lumpy mongoloid head so i cover it with long hair

also it suits me better anyway imo

in regards to other people it really depends on the person, but typically I'd go for long hair on others too

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I have congenital alopecia so hair doesn't grow at my temples, and the hairline starts a lot further back than it should. What fills the void is baby fluff. I'm also what I can only describe as MEGA BLOND. Whatever you've seen of blond hair before, forget that. My hair was white as a kid, and it's kid-blond now. And it's kid-fine too. So all the regular hair is transparent and unusable, and that baby fluff I mentioned before? You can't see that at all, wouldn't even know it was there unless I said anything about it.

Unfortunately, along with all this that nature has forsaken me with, I was also given a particular fondness for emo hairstyles and thick bangs.

Which is why I wear wigs =3 Problem solved!

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I have short hair, for me it's all on a person to person basis. Some people I like with short hair, some people with long hair, some people both. It all depends. I personally prefer short hair on myself I look weird with long hair and it's out of place, I learned that after having long hair all through high school. I'm happy with it short now, it looks a lot better.

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I used to have long hair (like past my shoulders and stuff) and then I cut it off when I was in middle school, now I can't stand to have long hair. this is what it kind of looks like now, but fluffier. if I comb it out it looks even bigger and fluffier

though I'm pretty sure if I straightened it out I'd look like some gay emo kid :T


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I already voted for short, but medium is probably more accurate. It's about 2-3" on top.

My preference tends to be for shorter hair as well. Chin-length bobs and whatnot, but it's hard to generalize. Some people look better with different hair. Most women I've dated have standard-issue long hair, and that's fine with me. Whatever suits their face and they're happiest with, I say.

FWIW, I like @Alexxx-Returns attutude. There's something to be said for looking how *you* want to look, and having fun expressing one's self, rather than just taking the path of least resistance.

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7 hours ago, Luca said:

You all tell me what looks better.

Short Or Long?

Personally I like long but thats just me, because Im not as fond of shorter hair on males, but Im not as fond of shoulder length and longer either. 

On females I quite like the short hair, its cute. Thoooough alltogether it really depends on the person and generalizations dont cut it, people look nice however they want to look and fuck everyone elses opinions


As for me I have gay medium (shoulder length) emo hair

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10 hours ago, Revates said:

@Luca I really like the shorter hair, I think it suits you very nicely. 


10 hours ago, Endless/Nameless said:

Yeah the shorter hair actually looks really good. 

Yeah I perfer it short myself. It feels better and and it's easy to manage. my hair grows so damn fast it never lasts as long as I wish it would.

3 hours ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

Personally I like long but thats just me, because Im not as fond of shorter hair on males, but Im not as fond of shoulder length and longer either. 

Once I let it get all the way to my shoulders. I felt ridiculous, honestly...

3 hours ago, Snagged Cub said:

Is that what you call a buffer zone?

Pretty much on point

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