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What's your highest post count on any forum?


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Hmmmm...well I made thirdtop commenter once on a webcomic community. Id have to check my old RP community accounts but those are my other online interactions I can think of. The rest are...well they dont matter. Ive been in a lot of online communities but none that are exactly forum, this would be the first engaging one I stayed on

I believe I reached 2,500 post count

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The first forum I joined was a small community of Pokemon fans, with a population of like...7-8 active people pretty much, myself included. I had about 8000+ posts there over the course of a few years.

Second highest was on the old General Time Wasters Forum, where I had like 6000+ because again, small community.

Maybe if this place entertains me enough, I might break my record.

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9896 posts on WrongPlanet forums. Oh jeez the amount of stories I could tell about that internet cesspit, haven't posted for years but I occassionally check back to see what's changed. Nothing has changed whatsoever, the same threads from 2010 are still there. Most of the cool people fled that site and I keep intouch with them via facebook groups, the one good thing to come out of that website is my boyfriend of 4 years and 8 months. 

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