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Favorite Characters


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Lets bring up the best of the best... or the worst of the worst. Whatever your reasons, post your favorite characters in games. I'll start

Samus Aranmetroid-prime.jpg
When she's not off casually exterminating entire indigenous species of planets far away, or dismantling the entire operations of an intergalactic space army that fucked her over... ONCE, she spends her nights drinking in alien filled space bars or beating the everloving shit out of the rest of Nintendo's characters. She is best girl. <3

Garrus Vakarian
How could you not like this guy? A cool alien sharpshooter, with a willingness to bend the law to get things done. Arguably, Shepard's best friend. Oh and that voice...

The Boss
In her world, she might have won WWII. Gave birth to a kid on the beach assault of Normandy. She trained the best Soldier to ever live, giving him a run for his money. She was sent to space in a botched tin can and came back alive determined to do what ever it takes to keep the world whole. Her backstory is ridiculous but interesting and her performance was done so well.  

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Dammit @Luca you stole one of my picks. Love me some Garrus :P

Some of my other favs are:

John Marston




Nathan Drake


Bigby Wolf




Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Those are some off the top of my head, but I think I'll stop there. Don't want to overload my post

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Oh noez, not that Bigby gif again. 3; He's one of my favs fo sho, I like me some fierce ruggedness.

Ratchet is a solid choice, though I think my favorite character from that entire series was Dr. Nefarious.


I also like me some Jak.


I'm totally drawing a blank otherwise.

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Illusive man, yeah!


I also liked Scolar Visari and Mael Radec from Killzone. Even if they aren't very fleshed out (quite the opposite, I'd say they're shallow even) I really like their character concept in their essence: one is a space dictator fixated with vengeance, fearsome and proud; the other a fanatic colonel, so brutal, animalistic yet rational, well spoken and refined in his savagery. I think of the Killzone games as a wasted opportunity, especially with that kind of well thought setting. They're your average shooter with pumped graphics when they could be so much more IMHO

killzone-2-visari.jpg Visari

Radec.jpeg Radec

I also really like Niko Bellic and Agent 47




Edit: Oh, and also Isaac Clarke, Adam Jensen and Mordin Solus



Mordin-Solus-Mass-Effect-2-Tuchanka-Expl :'(

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Isaac Clarke from Dead Space

Edit: Oh, and also Isaac Clarke, -snip-

I like Isaac, but honestly, John Carver is much better in my opinion.


His backstory was interesting, and playing as him during co-op in DS3 was really, really weird.
I don't care what people think, adding him to the story in DS3 really improved the story overall.

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Oh dear.... so many that I love...

Ryu Hyabusa: No other character in all of gaming makes me feel like as much of a badass as when I play as him. Soldiers. Kings. Monsters. Demons. Gods: all fall before his might.


Yuri Hyuga: He is such a fucking badass. He transforms into monsters and eats Gods while quipping hilarious snappy lines. All my love for his story.


Female Shepherd: Commander shepherd in my mind will always be a girl. Her voice acting and snark are just so... perfect. I will never get tired as playing her over her male counterpart. Saving the universe and romancing Garrus. Fuck yea!


Cindy lennox: She fought and survived through the zombie apocalypse, battled zombie elephants and lions, and killed several tyrant type bio weapons all while in a dress and heels. What a champ.


Adelbert Steiner: In a world where everyone uses some sort of magic, he is the badass normal dude. A friggen tank, hes loyal, strong, and the butt of everyone's joke. Yet, out of all the characters in Final Fantasy 9 he grew the most as a character. I love having Steiner in my team.


Wolf O'Donnell: Can't let you brew that Starbucks!


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Garrus is by far my favourite character of all time. I also love Thel Vadam (The Arbiter).

Legion- I always thought the concept of the geth was awesome and almost wet my pants when I got one as a squad member.


Zeratul-  I always enjoyed his story and looked forward to seeing him in the campaign. Can't wait for Legacy of the Void.

Antimage- I just like picking him he's a fun hero and then losing because I suck at carries in dota 2.

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Nall (Lunar 1 & 2):


Starts as the annoying sidekick, sure, but his true character shines in the sequel. He's the only one of the main party to survive hundreds of years into the future, being a dragon and all, and is rightfully changed by it. His arc is really well done.

Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV):


Original Final Fantasy anti-hero hero. They put him on the logo for a reason, and not just cuz he's got a cool profile. Probably the most interesting character in the series until maybe FF6 came along.

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Megaman Volnutt - #1 Favorite Character 



The best Megaman ever!!


The rest are in no particular order.

Byakko no Kogenta


Nagisa Kaworu



Billy Lee Black





Brave Fencer Musashi


Shorty and the E.Z. Mouse




Izayoi Sakuya


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Dota 2 World: Crystal Maiden


If I was straight, I would date her. She is the representation of my playstyle in videogames. Support support support. No one knows support better than Crystal Maiden.


World of Warcraft: Chen Stormstout.chen_stormstout_by_t_harakiri_t-d6ywk61.

The reason why I chose Panda as my fursona. Ladies and gentlemen. Meet Chen Stormstout, He's a drunkard with jolly personality. So much of my semen lost cuz of this guy.

Pokemon World: Dragonite


Dragonite's looks screams "Big Softie" I'm so glad that gamefreak gave him Multiscale for hidden ability, otherwise I wouldn't see him in the current meta. I'm not a fan of scalies but I'll definitely hug dragonite hard.


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