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Are you a shitposter or effortposter?



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  1. 1. Are you a shitposter or effortposter

    • Effortposter
    • Effortposter who sometimes shitposts
    • 50/50
    • Shitposter who sometimes effortposts
    • Shitposter
    • Im gay

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I don't really post that much long effort posts but I do try to be funny/smart with pictures of short comments

Some threads are also made for shitposting, like the ones in The Black Hole but I haven't really seen many threads exclusively meant for serious effort posting

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Lurker here. I don't always post on furry forums, but when I do it's for the warm fuzzies. And for the bad puns, which I've been known to emit without warning.

So yeah... I'm probably more of an effort poster when I actually speak up, but I have my moments.

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1 hour ago, DrGravitas said:

o.0 What's going on in that picture? I can't seem to parse it


EDIT: Oh, uh, I guess I try to at least put some effort into my posts but I have some fun too.

Two fennecs having a disagreement behind a sand dune, with the camera's focus centered on the fennecs and putting the rest of it out of focus, with some airbrush effects done over the blurred areas to make it more 'artsy'.


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