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Y'all furries have been fighting like cats and dogs lately, (ahem) so I figured that this thread was in order. All of you are welcome to post here, but only if you have something genuinely nice to say about another user! I'll get started.

@Calemeyr all of your fursuits are super amazingly awesome and I'm mad jelly of you

@Vae You're really cool, like honestly sometimes I'm kind of intimidated to talk to you.

@MissFleece You're adorable and you also make fursuits real good.


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@Revates You're a very kind and good friend

@MissFleece You're such a derp :P

@Umbra.Exe Great artist and chill to talk to :3

@Ginpanther a wise kewl kat

@Chrysocyon you're such a good sport on and off the streams and draw very good rule 34 art :V

@Sutekh_the_Steak You always send funny vids and take the best screencaps

@WolfNightV4X1 For just being so damn cool

@Vaer keep those anime gifs coming man!

er...everyone else (cause I'll probably end up listing my whole friends list), I love you! Lion hugs for all!






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26 minutes ago, Vae said:

Oh geeze, thank you!

And it's cool. A lot of people have been intimidated by me for some reason. Lol.

I feel like it's cuz you give off that kinda vibe where you know you're not gonna put up with anybodys bullshit. It's an admirable quality if you ask me :3

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@PastryOfApathy is a loveable furfag.

@WolfNightV4X1 is smart and kind.

@Alexxx-Returns is a kind and beautiful sergal.

@Joshi has been here as long as I have and is keeping things fresh.

@FenrirDarkWolf is simply amazing, my future husbandino.

@Kinharia is the floofiest of snowmews.

@Caledonian is also amazing.

To the rest of you, never change.

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Woah i was named 0.0 thanks lazer!

so for the nomination of awesome people.



i look up to you two a lot, you seem clever and well people. Both of you. And I also love your art. Both of you. Not trying to group you because i aknowlege you are individuals but you are both amazing individuals indeed.


I enjoy talking to you, i feel like we could get along well. I hope to talk to you more.


Thank you very much for your attempt to talk to me, sorry for not responding. You make me feel accepted on this forum, which is nice. Thank you.

@Derin Darkpaw and @Joshi

Your music taste is great. I also enjoy talking to you, i hope to get to know you better.


I do not mean to forget people so i will return to this place!

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@PastryOfApathy queen of the shitposters and one of the coolest girls I know 

@WolfNightV4X1 keep being your awesome kind self dude 

@FenrirDarkWolfwave dat flag all day bro 

@MuttButt your one cool pup 

@Brass you liven up this forum

@Hewge one of my oldest furry friends keep drawing your awesome buff animal guys 

@Vaer your incredibly smart dude

@Lucyfish the coolest feesh lady 

@KookyFoxFrench foxy floof ^^

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Oh, nova.

i think the only thing differing you from the rest is your age. You seem to be one of the younger users here but that is okay, we have all been young before.

sure, sometimes your posts get on my nerves and I daresay I have not always been kind to you, which i do not regret. I do not harbour any hard feelings directed at you. Don't think yourself an outcast unless that is what you want to be.


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@MuttButt <3 u r a cool person and I enjoy when you are around

@DevilishlyHandsome49 I appreciate your dedication and sense of justice, especially if you want something done.

@Sir Gibby no u <333 gib gibs 10/10

@Revates my bb I lurv u, ur so nice and always there to listen. Thank you for letting me complain at you and for always helping me be part of the conversation

@evan you're the kind of person who actively tries to improve themselves, you work hard and you work harder on being an understanding and down right lovely person. I appreciate the length you go to better yourself and the people around you.

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Whaaaat? Everyone says Im cool?   Im a huge derp but it was said multiple times so it must be true


I would have to come back to this thread several times because like people said I love pretty much everyone and Id have a thing or two to say about everyone at some point

no specific order, just whoever comes to mind for whatever reason



@Caledonian I think you make an awesome addition to the fandom since you first joined this site. Youre very unique and I appreciate your creativity, interests, and ideas. Seriously, youre adorable and cool and you rock


lI already rave about you to much. You'rre ultimate senpai  Seriously your art is kickass and youre the sweetest prickly thing ever. And I appreciate your efforts to stay sane, despite everything you come off as quite cheerful, good job.    
@Joel Youre one of the sweetest people ever. I would vote you for kindest person on this forum because you simply care for everyone. And in a world of sparkledogs your simple arctic fox outshines them all in its radiant beauty

@FenrirDarkWolf You are Super sweet, cute, and most fabulous >w> Thanks for being my friend from the start, I really do appreciate it and youve always been a special wotter around these parts

@LazerMaster5 You are seriously cool and i would attend rock concerts with you and we would hang. Youre really great and interesting and I hope we know each other for awhile

@Kinharia Mao! <333

seriously, Youre the cutest derp, thanks for being a huggable cuddlefluff that loves everyone

@Alexxx-Returns I think youre really cool and have an awesome sense of style. Ive always admired you from the get-go

@DrDingo You are a nice dude and I always liked seeing you around the forums and how your creativity transformed the much loved mascot of a dingo over time. I also admire how intelligent and chipper you are 

@Sidewalk Surfboard youre an odd one :P I enjoy how passionate, creative, and engaging you are. 

@Gamedog You actually do care about people and admire that. And I find your knowledge about animals to be very interesting as well as your interest in collecting

@DevilishlyHandsome49 Dev you are a cutie! x3 I love your friendly demeanor and your love of nerdy gamer things. Keep being you <3

@MissFleece I find your vibrant, out-there personality really fun and interesting. Youre really creative and cool and I just thought you were pretty unique and amazing from first joining 

@Amiir Youre actually really kindhearted and sweet. I appreciate a lot of the things you do for us forum folk and I always look forward to another latest submission from you

@Johanna Waya youre really intelligent and kind and I think youre simply the best >w>  You have your head on your shoulders and are pushing for changes you'll no doubt succeed in. I believe in you a whole lot, youre really strong and brave!

@Nova Keep being you, man. Your antics are infectious and the forums wouldnt be complete without another dopey nova thread

@Eggdodger The cutest ever. I really respect and admire you since always and I really believe in your potential more than you believe in yourself <3 Just keep going because I know you can do things, you da coolest!

@Joshi cool, creative, spirited, and caring. I think you are an awesome part of the community and Im glad to have you around

@Mr. Sparta I appreciate your company and your presence. Youre really cute and a smart kid, I will always wish you the best in your daily life endeavors. <3 gatr!

@MuttButt thanks for makingthis thread. I remember back when you were Matty Connor on FA, I didnt know you much besides having the cutest dog sona. Since then I think I know you much better and you hold true to the hippie lovesick puppy vibe. Thanks for hosting this thread so I can gush over miscellaneous people

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@Kinharia I love your silliness. It makes my day

@Caledonian Love your patriotism

@DrDingo and @DrGravitasYou seem much like me. High five, bros!

@Joel I kinda had a bad impression of you at first but I was wrong. Also, love your fursona

@PastryOfApathy and @Nova You're  cool guys in general

@DevilishlyHandsome49 and @RevatesThanks for making a great spectator company!

@MuttButt My favorite groovy doge!

@Ginpanther Stay frosty... professor

Sorry if I forgot someone, these are from top of my head

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41 minutes ago, Snagged Cub said:

@Kinharia I love your silliness. It makes my day

@Caledonian Love your patriotism

@DrDingo and @DrGravitasYou seem much like me. High five, bros!

@Joel I kinda had a bad impression of you at first but I was wrong. Also, love your fursona

@PastryOfApathy and @Nova You're  cool guys in general

@DevilishlyHandsome49 and @RevatesThanks for making a great spectator company!

@MuttButt My favorite groovy doge!

@Ginpanther Stay frosty... professor

Sorry if I forgot someone, these are from top of my head


have I showed ya'll that?

i do not think so but here ya go


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@Misomie I think youre a cool person. I love your creativity in art in fursuiting, your love of animals, and your compassion. 

@Troj and @Battlechili You both are very wise and generous and I always see you giving input and good advice to people. Always contributing good things

@6tails Youre just pure cool, and I really like you participating and sharing some stuff about yourself

@grassfed I like seeing you around and think youre excellent! Your love of nature is also swell, and your dog is a cutie.

@DrGravitas Youre a talented guy and your love of foxes knows no bounds!

@Harbinger I think youre an awesome dude, we never talk as much but I find your interests in reptiles, invertibrates, canids, and nature in general is very great. You have a spark of passion for all that you enjoy. I like that

@Conker from what I saw you seem like a successful writer and businessman.  I wish you the best of luck in whatever!

@Ginpanther youre a nice guy and I really love how much you adore and care about animals so much

@Aouzy your sona(s) are cool, youre cute, and I enjoy your creativity ^_^

@TheGreatFanatic robutz c;

@Astrium yeah dont think Id forget you! Youre a great guy and I I really like you from the few times we've interacted <3

@funky3000 one of my first buddies here :D I admire so much about you and I like your goofy interests and passions

@Jtrekkie <3 I love you, dapper lizard man. I could write a paragraph on you 

@galaxy-meow Youre super attractive and I gush over all the pictures aof yourself and art you post


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Honestly everyone here ranges from extremely awesome to mildly annoying at worst here.  There are only two or three people on this whole forum that I actively dislike, but I won't go into that here.

@6tails and @Saxon, and any one else that has indulged me in the past and that I can't recall by name, thank you for actually being willing to engage in a debate with me.  Despite the fact that we may completely disagree on these topics I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to have discussions of such caliber.

@Caledonian thank you for introducing me to such awesome new music and I know I may not appear to be on these forums much but I usually check a couple times a day.  So if you want to have a conversation with me feel free to send me a message.

@MalletFace you always put such amazing amounts of thought and effort into your posts that it astounds me.

@Troj for being well Troj.  I think everyone on here knows why you are so amazing by now.

@Vaer for giving such wonderful words in that thread.  Still want to sig that, but I have had no luck figuring out how.

And so many more.  Seriously I may not be very notable on this forum, but you guys mean a lot to me.

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22 minutes ago, Gamedog said:

all of yall are cool and i like you, and ty for being nice to me!

there is only like 3 people hee that i actually dislike, the rest of yall are rad AF & ty for keepin this site interestin

I told you this already I think, but I love your sig. It reminds me of Red in a silly, happy way, which is always nice.

d'awww, thanks everybody who gave me a shout in here.You fuzzbutts keep me going sometime, y'all are some of the realest people to talk to sometimes.

@grassfed love you too bby

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Where do I even start with this? First off you're all great. Love you all.

@Zytan Zytan, you made me feel welcomed, have a great sense of humour, you're very intelligent and a great guy to talk to and play games with. I really, really enjoy it. We should play more! <3

@DevilishlyHandsome49 Dev bby, you're always a nice guy, have a great sense of humour and you recognize Garrus as our lord and saviour. Love ya bby.

@MissFleece Okay, first of all love you Fleece bestest sheep. I appreciate our chats you're always nice and I feel very comfortable talking to you, I also appreciate how open you are I've learned a lot about you and it makes it easy to talk to you.

@Umbra.Exe COO COO, your art is great, you are great, awesome person to talk to and you seem to always have things to contribute to a conversation.

@evan Evan you homo, you're very very hard working, always seem to be pushing yourself, are a nice person that's very easy to talk to. I enjoy our chats. <3

@Sir Gibby Gibb Senpai, you seem to have a strong sense of justice and have a lot to say and contribute in conversations, I appreciate your writing and all the things you've taught me.

@Vae VAEBAE, teach me to art, but seriously at first I was a little intimidated by you but you're really really cool to talk to and I love seeing your art it's always absolutely stunning.

I have now realized how long this list is going to be...

@Ginpanther You come across as a very intelligent and down to earth guy. You tell the best stories, have a wicked sense of humour and I love your cats!

@grassfed Assbby, you're a nice guy, very relaxed and it's always great to see your face in chat. We need to play more CS:GO. <3

@Pignog I love talking to you, you're a very funny guy, I hope to play more chess with you pigglepuff.

@george99g Georgie, I've learned a lot about bulgaria from you, think you're a nice person and will always have something good to add to a conversation.

@DrGravitas You have amazing pictures and awesome gifs. I like seeing what you have to say and it's always great to see your modelling!

@6tails You're a chill guy with a good sense of humour, I appreciated you inviting me to your cooking stream it made me feel welcomed and I should drop in more.

@Amiir Love your art Amiir, you're a nice person to talk to and seem to have a strong sense of what's right. You've done a lot that I appreciate. <3

@Azurex You have a good sense of humour and take our terrible jokes very well. It's always great to see you in the chat!

@Sar Sar you seem very intelligent, hard working and well rounded. Also I appreciate your love for vodka.

@Brass Bby, you're a fun person to talk to and one day we'll be married.

Yep Rev is still going...

@Chrysocyon I love the your art (not the fretv art). I appreciate you setting up that terraria server I've had a lot of fun on it and I hope to talk to you more since you seem like a neat guy!

@Kaizan Kaibby, Kaizan, you're nice/cool/awesome! I think you're a genuinely great guy and it's fun talking to you!

@Gamedog Ayyyy bby, you have the cuuute kitties and I love hearing about your furs. You're an interesting person to talk to and make a lot of conversation.

@Lisek Mate you have a great taste in games, you're a nice person and I love talking to you!

@Zerig Zerig you homo, you take my gayness well and I think you have a good sense of humour. <3

@Clove Darkwave I haven't talked to you very much but you've been a very interesting person to talk to and I've thoroughly enjoyed our few conversations. Also you've got me back into astronomy!

Also sorry for my ridiculously large list...

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@Eggdodger literally one of the nicest people I've ever met, I dunno what I did to deserve it but I'm glad we're friends <3

@Sir Gibby first person from FAF to ever talk to me outside of the forums, which was cool. also total qt but so far impervious to my seductions.

@evan top husbando, actually might be me because we have so much in common <3<3

@Revates @Amiir @Gamedog @Machine @MissFleece @PastryOfApathy @DevilishlyHandsome49 @Recel @Brass @Ginpanther @Toshabi

y'all are pretty cool as well I just dunno what to say im not very good at this

also @Zaraphayx is bretty gawaii but he's still banned :^(

this thread is fucking gay





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5 minutes ago, PastryOfApathy said:

Wow...that's terrible.

Don't be jealous; you're a dinky dipple ratty-chomps too. D:


I already said that I love you all and your smiles. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?



Nakey pics

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@Revates You were one of the first peeps I met on this forum, and always a pleasure to chat with. You have a natural curiosity about other people's lives, and you ask good questions to understand their experiences. This will take you far. We should definitely play more chess.

@Brass Another one of the first people I met here. You're a funny guy, we share similar interests, and I like chatting with you. You have the grit and resilience to deal with the problems life throws at you. I also think you're a genuinely good person, even if it's not obvious to some.

@Hewge You introduced me to the forum. You're a great artist with a lot of drive to improve. You also have a big heart and a positive outlook on life that I admire. I just wish you would post more!! But that would take away from your drawing...

There are a lot of others too. I can't say I dislike anyone here. I'm glad there are different viewpoints, and that there's a diverse group of people here who come from different walks of life.

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I forgot some peoples, even though I already stated that and said I loved em anyway, but screw it

@Amiir You're grest to chat with and i love your art!

@Sidewalk Surfboard your robot shennanigans are charming and you shouldnt be ashamed of that :3

@TheGreatFanatic cute avi's, cute gifs, cute posts, cutenessss!

@AshEntropy and @Astrium and @GamingGal great to see ya on the forums again!

@Sar your avi changing is on point yo

@evan being a cool, dedicated and very pleasant person to talk to

Did i get everyone?


@Zerig you ol softie, you ;3

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Cool thread idea :3


@Kinharia Just thanks for being my friend bro

@KookyFox I have to thank you for my guitar actually xD Thanks for all the tipps and tricks

@WolfNightV4X1 Love you too x3

@MarkOfBane I don't even know when exactly we got to meet each other. You're one of the few people I know I can just speak out my heart to. Thank you 

@Vaer It's been almost a year. I still badly want to visit you in sunny Carlifornia for cuddles and snuggles x3 I also always enjoy our conversations. Hope we can do it again soon

@Zerig You're one of the weirdest furfags here. I like weird, And I like furfags, thump up!

@Saxon Someone I see very often and talked to very often but not outside the forum. Why not? 

@Sarcastic Coffeecup Another forum only buddy x3 I know your profile picture from the old FAF times and your name seems nice. I'd love a cup of coffee right now, but I only have tea. What about Ironic Teacup?

@Gamedog Always either super serious or super silly xP love it

@Caledonian Same goes to you bruh *high five*

@Moogle Thank you for this amazing Profile Picture, I still want a commission from you >:(

@DrDingo We've chatted a few times. I enjoyed it. Let's do it again.

@Nova (Just hopes it's the nova I know lol there are so many) If so, you're an american that was able to stay in a German Whatsapp group for more than a few weeks. Keep up the awesomeness!

@DevilishlyHandsome49 I miss Nakti and all of you. I will return eventually

@vpn Miss you too buddy. I can always speak out to you <3

@Joel My peppermint fox :3 We should chat more!

@Alexxx-Returns Also. Thanks for our chats. It means much to me that I can tell you almost everything <3 gonna visit you UK peeps one day too

@FenrirDarkWolf Weirdo x3 *cuddles*

@LazerMaster5 Oh yeah it feels like it's been so long. Come more often to the skype group my derpy

@shadowsinhiding Another one from the good ol FAF :D Good to see that you're still around

@Taralack Lol there's a "do I know you or not?" Twitter relationship between us. We should also chat more often!

@Mentova You can be serious but most of the time you're just my silly xD

@ Everyone I missed Sorry. Love you all guys!

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